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Landlords who manage their own properties “Hands-on” of DIY landlords invariably live close to their own properties. It’s almost impossible to manage your own properties effectively if they a some distance from your own home.

A recent survey by Simple Landlords Insurance found that:

  • Two thirds of landlords live within ten miles of their rented property
  • Most manage the property and tenant relationships themselves

Two-in-three landlords live within ten miles of their buy-to-let property and manage day-to-day maintenance of the property themselves, new research by Simple Landlords Insurance reveals.

Analysis of over 10,000 addresses shows a fifth of landlords live within a mile of the house or flat they rent out and a further 46% live between one and 10 miles away.

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A further 13% live between 10 and 25 miles from the property they rent out.  Only 15% of landlords live more than 50 miles away from their buy-to-let investment.

The findings suggest that people prefer to invest in bricks and mortar in areas they know well, despite advice from some professionals that they could gain higher rent yields further afield.

Meanwhile a poll by Simple Landlords reveals that 65% of landlords made a conscious decision to invest in buy-to-let property, meanwhile 17% of people who rent out a property identify themselves as ‘accidental landlords’ who decided to rent out a property they inherited or were unable to sell their home.  Some 9% of landlords bought their property specifically for a family member to live in, such as for a child at university.

Half (45%) of those polled owned a single rental property, while 40% owned between 2-4 and 15% said they have a portfolio of over five homes.

The survey shows that most landlords (65%) play an active role in the maintenance of their property, dealing with any problems with tenants themselves rather than via a lettings agent. 24% use an agent to find tenants and then manage the property themselves, 41% do everything themselves, while 35% use an agent to do everything.

Alex Huntley from Simple Landlords Insurance says: “We are seeing an increasing trend of savvy landlords taking direct control of how their property is let and managed and becoming much more self-sufficient.

“While it can be easy to bash landlords as faceless investors, these results show they are more likely to be part of the community they invest in and take a personal interest in making sure their property is well maintained and tenancies are long-term.

“We are also seeing a growing demand from landlords to be able to manage their insurance policies online 24/7 and to buy flexible and scalable policies as their investments change and grow.”

About Simple

Simple Landlords Insurance is the direct to consumer brand owned by the insurance services company Ryan Direct Group.

Simple Insurance has been trading since 2003 and is a brand name of Millennium Insurance Brokers Ltd, a Ryan Direct Group (RDG) company.

Landlords trust Simple to protect over 50,000 rental properties across the UK.

Customers appreciate our competitive prices and the ability to manage policies online 24/7.  At Simple Landlords Insurance we don’t do gimmicks, we just offer low prices every day.

We manage everything in-house in the UK, including sales, service and claims so we won’t pass our customers round the houses when they need us most

Simple Landlords Insurance covers a wide range of tenant and property types, including those some insurance companies won’t typically insure.

To get a quote visit or call 0808 172 5600

Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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