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Longer Tenancies:

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, today painted an inaccurate picture of the private rented sector.

During Prime Minister’s Questions he referenced a woman who had lived in her private rented home for ten years who faced having to leave her property. He used it to call for three year tenancies and warned that tenants were living in fear of eviction.

Official statistics however show that private sector tenants have lived in their homes for an average of over four years.

Figures from the Ministry of Justice also show that in the most recent period for which data is available, 62 per cent of all claims to repossess a property by landlords were in the social rented sector, compared to 16 per cent in the private rented sector.

Further figures show that just a tenth of all tenancies in the private rented sector are ended by a landlord or letting agent.

RLA Policy Director, David Smith, commented:

“The figures speak for themselves. The vast majority of tenancies are ended by the tenant, and not the landlord and the very fact that the person quoted in today’s exchanges has lived in their rental home for ten years shows the sector is already providing long term stability.

“Many tenants have a perceived fear of eviction because tenancies will often be on the basis of six or one year periods which are, in the vast majority of cases, renewed. It is disappointing that the Leader of the Opposition has needlessly played to such fears.

“We welcome the Government’s plans to consult on barriers that make it difficult to offer longer tenancies which will provide an important opportunity especially to address the problem of mortgage lenders preventing landlords from offering them.”

The RLA represents over 50,000 private sector residential landlords in England and Wales.

  • The English Housing Survey headline report for 2015/16 can be accessed here Page 18 notes: “for private renters the average length of residence was 4.3 years.”
  • The Ministry of Justice’s latest statistics on mortgage and landlord repossessions in England and Wales for July to September 2017 are available here Page 5 notes: “The majority (62%) (21,179) of landlord possession claims were social landlord claims, 22%, (7,621) were accelerated claims and 16% (5,372) were private landlord claims.”
  • The English Housing Survey Private rented sector report for 2015-16 can be accessed here Page 21 notes: “When asked about their most recent move, most private renters said that their last tenancy ended because they wanted it to (73%). A tenth (11%) said that their landlord or agent ended the tenancy.”
Please Note: This Article is 4 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. This is typical lefty clap-trap from Corbyn – btw if you check his personal website he is no longer sporting his jaunty Lenin cap.

    The vast majority of proper landlords value continuity of tenancy very highly. It is is pointless evicting a good tenant just so you might get another couple of hundred pounds a month rent. For a start, there’ll be quite a void period, during which repairs and redecoration and certainly cleaning will be required. Then you have to risk the fact that a new tenant may be a bad tenant – plus you’r going to have to fork out another fat fee for the letting agency.

  2. Painting an inaccurate picture of almost every aspect of life in the UK has been Mr Corby’s strong point for as long as he has been a politician. The really sad thing about his delusions are that he really does seem to believe that he is right. It’s even sadder that a large section of the UK population appear to find him credible enough to be worthy of being our next prime minister. Were that ever to happen, then I fear that the damage his policies would certainly do to the private rental sector of the housing market – serious as that would be – would be insignificant relative to the damage his wider policies would inflict upon the overall UK economy.
    Let us all pray that the vast majority of us will find ourselves to be of sound mind come the next general election!

  3. I’m keen to understand anyone’s point of, whether I agree with it or not. I’m struggling to understand how a tent who been in a property for TEN Years, is going to prevented being evicted by a 3 year fixed term ! I’ve even tried taking my shoes and socks off but still can’t get the figures to make sense. Can anyone help !

  4. Jeremy Corbin is only interested in advancing his Communist/Marxist Agenda, and if that means telling lies then that’s what he is likely to do. Perhaps he’s not heard of ‘fake news’.

  5. Quite right, it makes no sense to get rid of good tenants to increase the rent, I’ve been doing this on a very small scale for nearly 40 years and for a private landlord a good tenant is much better than increased rent as it doesn’t usually increase ones income. I don’t appreciate the added burdens that have been placed on me because the government wants to save money or the antiquated laws that make it extremely difficult to deal with bad low income tenants.


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