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Rogue Landlords:

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has proposed an amnesty to drive rogue landlords out of the region’s private rented sector.

Speaking at the Residential Landlord Association’s ‘Future Renting North’ conference today the Mayor said he wants to buy up properties from landlords unwilling to bring them up to standard, saying they have no place in Greater Manchester.

He used the conference to put flesh on the bones of his plan to introduce a Good Landlord Scheme in the region which will include a set of principles for landlords to subscribe to proving that they are committed to providing a certain standard of service and accommodation.

The Mayor said that although the plans are in their early stages he believes they have the capacity to transform renting in the region.

He told the landlord audience that their attendance at the conference proved their commitment to getting it right and to providing a good service for their tenants.

Mr Burnham pulled no punches and said there are still too many bad landlords out there and that things need to change to tackle what he described as the ”epidemic of insecurity”.

He said: “Safe, decent housing should be a human right as healthcare and education are.

“The fact that you are at the conference today shows that you want to be reputable and do things properly. Truth of the matter is this doesn’t apply to the whole of the private rented sector.

“We need to isolate those that are giving the sector a bad name.

“We will work with you to establish what’s reasonable, what’s fair and what landlords should be expected to provide.”

He then announced plans for the amnesty for private landlords who don’t look after or invest in their properties.

Speaking after his speech he said that he could not yet give details of what the buy-out package would be.

When asked if he could be accused of rewarding bad landlords by offering them market price for their home, he simply replied: “Who said anything about market values?

“However if people want to exit the market we will facilitate that.”

The Mayor said he plans to reveal a new housing policy in June, with a rough timescale of 12-18 months for the Good Landlord Scheme to be implemented.

The Residential Landlords Association: The home for landlords

The RLA represents the interests of landlords in the private rented sector across England and Wales. We’re home to over 50,000 landlords nationwide, with a combined portfolio of over a quarter of a million properties.

Please Note: This Article is 4 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Has Andy Burnham ever seen a flat where the landlord has spent thousands only to see it wrecked when he takes possession after the tenant has left.

    I let a flat to a single mother,who stopped paying the rent which left me no option but to evict her, the flat was so wrecked I had to auction it and take my losses.

  2. I used to work in some comecon countries in the 70s.

    I asked why all the houses were so scruffy, it is hardly work to smarten them up. My friend said he would have to be a complete BF to do that. The council would confiscate the house saying it was need for a good public project – a creche would have been typical. After you lost your house it would stay unused for a few years and then the council would change its plans and the house, no longer needed. would be allocated to a top party worker and their family.

    One of the strengths of British society is that no one can take what you own without very good reason and that has to be from the national government. There are plenty of laws to fix bad landlords. Also do not forget a lot of these landlords have very different standards in their own countries and it is racist to expect them to change their ways here.

    Letting local politicians confiscate property is a quick way to all sorts of corruption and plain state thievery.

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