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As a brand new scheme being rolled out in Leeds by The RLA, continues to add fuel to the national licensing debate, 40 per-cent of Hull based lettings agents are now adopting the scheme known as Consider-Rate.

The two way rental feedback scheme, which has already been rolled out by Leeds Metropolitan Council in conjunction with LLAS and RLAAS to avoid proposed annual licensing for landlords, is now becoming adopted in Hull, with remaining agents being advised to do the same.

The Consider-Rate accreditation scheme aims to build a database of good landlords, letting agents and tenants. By being an active member, all parties will be proving via the rating mechanism that not only are they a good landlord, tenant, or agent, but that they continue to be good, responsible and respectful, year on year.

It is thought that this will enable the landlord or letting agent to prove to the authorities that they are one of the good ones allowing them to continue doing a great job, and for the authorities to move on and find the ‘rogues’ which strangely enough will not want to join Consider-Rate.

There is also hope that by signing up to the scheme, that Hull based landlords and letting agents could escape the additional de facto tax that licensing could bring.

Tim Gorton, director of Consider-Rate, said: ”It is brilliant news that more Hull landlords are signing up to the scheme, which is a move that will better protect Hull tenants against negligent landlords, and landlords against unscrupulous tenants and agents. Our scheme combined with a local (or national) accreditation scheme like the one provided by the Humber Landlords Association is increasingly being seen as the best chance of avoiding landlord licensing which would unfortunately see larger overheads for landlords and agents and increased rent for tenants.

We have been shocked to hear some landlords and agents say that they are all for licensing because they see it as a further revenue stream. Not only will this be extremely unfair with avoidable rent increases for the tenant but also very nieve as they obviously don’t understand the possible knock on effect and unforeseen cost that licencing will bring for everyone. Licensing will increase the very real risk to both Landlords and Agents of losing their business overnight”

Hull based Strada Homes, recently adopted the scheme, Ian Denston, Managing Director, said: “Strada Homes is proud to be in partnership with Consider-Rate and we expect it to add to the already extensive range of services offered to our customers.

Tim added: “There is a need to reform the system and ward off bad landlords, tenants and agents- Consider-Rate does just that. Using our registered Agents like Strada Homes above, Landlords and Tenants will mean you are dealing with a more responsible party and can be assured of the best possible journey through each tenancy while avoiding unnecessary costs.”

Responsible tenants can find registered Landlords and Agents in Hull (and other areas) via our website

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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