A poll of over 9,000 people by YouGov has revealed 54% believe students who are not able to return to their accommodation due to the Covid lockdown should not have to pay any rent until the crisis ends.

The UK’s 1.8 million graduates have been caught out by Wednesday’s decision by the government to introduce a new lockdown, as many were staying with their parents following the festive break.

The severity of the new lockdown means many will not be able to return to their university digs whether in halls or the private rented sector.

The poll results are from across the age spectrum, rather than being skewed by young people who are more likely to be sympathetic. Approximately 50% of those between 25 and 60 years old said students should not be charged at all, rising to 60% of those between 18 and 25 year old.

And even 46% of Conservative voters among those polled agreed students needed total relief from rent payments during the lockdown, which is likely to carry on until at least mid-March.

Those polled were asked: “Do you think students who are unable to return to their student accommodation due to lockdown should still have to pay rent as normal or not?

Among the rest of those polled 30% believe students should be given a discount but only 5% said students should have to pay their in full.

Thousands of landlords and university accommodation suppliers are caught up in this crisis. See the results of the YouGov poll.


  1. There is a difference between accommodation that students are not allowed to return to ie Student Hall and accommodation that they choose not to live in ie Private Rentals.

    Let’s not forget that students are still receiving their maintenance grants whereas LLs may not be receiving anything.

    The Govt needs to step in with support for renters & LLs in the pandemic.


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