Evictions have become the defining topic of Covid for tens of thousands of residential landlords who have tenants in rent arrears as the government and courts have restricted the evictions process.

And three of the key experts in the field are to gather tomorrow online at the Landlord Investment Show to tackle the topic head on.

Landlords wishing to attend the seminar, which is at 9.45am tomorrow morning (Tuesday 3rd November) and lasts for an hour can log-on for free if they register as a delegate with the show.

The three speakers are Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action and Tim Frome, the company’s legal director. They will be joined by John Stewart, the Deputy Director of Policy and Research at the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA).

This trio, who between them have a combined 60 years’ or more experience working in the private rented sector, are to discuss the latest developments in arrears, evictions and the courts.

Landlords face unprecedented challenges since the pandemic struck as the government has sought to prevent evictions, including most recently extending the notice period to six months.

Paul (left), Tim and David will discuss what options landlords with rent arrears or anti-social tenants have, and the extended time lines involved.

“Tim and I are honoured to have a slot at the Landlord Investment Show which this year is online only due to the Covid restrictions,” says Paul.

“Understanding what the government’s changes mean for landlords can be an uphill struggle, so we hope to help those attending get a better grip on the latest developments – including what the new lockdown could mean for evictions between now and Christmas.”

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