A new website has launched to let students post honest reviews about their houses and for landlords to showcase their properties year-round.

Launched in Cardiff, moove aims to give students candid information before they sign a lease and is the latest in a long line of websites that let tenants write online reviews about their landlords, but which often fail to gain traction or reviews.

The site will also launch in Bristol, Bath, Swansea and Exeter in September, with plans for a staggered roll-out across the UK early next year.

In order to review a property, students using moove need an email from one of the universities in Cardiff to post – which is completely anonymous.

Landlords can respond to reviews and for those who’ve received more negative comments, ratings on a property can climb over a period of time.

DIY landlords

Founder Seb Walker (left) says it supports the growing number of ‘do it yourself’ landlords who no longer rely on letting agents to find tenants and manage their properties. 

He reckons landlords using moove to market their properties will get good leads as it’s directly targeted at students; year-round marketing also helps students find the best properties before they’re available to let on traditional platforms. Landlords will eventually be able to then streamline the tenant onboarding or tenancy signing process.

He tells LandlordZONE: “We’ve so far had a strong reception from landlords in Cardiff, strong interest in other regions of the UK and are discussing with a number of groups and consortiums representing landlords to ensure we continue to build something that works symbiotically and supports the work that landlords do. 

“We encourage tenants to leave positive reviews and comments and our marketing campaigns are targeted to ensure we’re not creating a platform purely riddled with negativity.” 


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