Predictions of a student accommodation meltdown in the New Year are wide of the mark, latest research among under-graduates has claimed.

Property management platform Bunk believes predictions about the demise of student accommodation next year have been greatly exaggerated.

Its poll of 300 first and second-year students found that the student property market has been largely unaffected by the Covid escalation, despite the fact most students will be returning to their university digs next year without being vaccinated against the virus.

It found that 85% of current students plan to return to rent at university in 2021, while four out of five of them say that while the experience has been different to how they had imagined, they ​would still rather be enrolled and living at university than at home.

Meanwhile, 78% of students say any disappointment they feel is towards the university rather than their living situation.

Bunk adds that although Covid will have an impact on the future developments of student accommodation, both landlords and purpose-built accommodation (PBSA) providers should expect to see their properties being filled quickly.

Ali Fazel, 21, (left) a second-year politics student at Birmingham University, says: “While the coronavirus pandemic has made lots of students reconsider their future pathway, I feel more determined than ever to re-enrol in the student lifestyle which is incomplete without a fun house filled with my mates.”

It follows research from StuRents that the PBSA sector has grown by 2.6% in 2020 with more than 25,000 new beds coming to the UK market, meaning that the number of private PBSA beds has surpassed university supplied accommodation for the first time.


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