Rotherham Council is set to start using banning orders in a bid to crack down on the town’s rogue landlords.

Those guilty of unlawful eviction, harassment, overcrowding and fire or gas safety offences would then find themselves banned from renting out properties with a custodial sentence of up to 51 weeks, an unlimited fine, or both, if they ignore the order.

Social media

A council report says Rotherham has seen an increase in unregulated and/or unaccredited agents and landlords advertising rented properties through social media, without any appropriate letting background.

It adds: “A number of landlords have now, as a result of selective licensing, been found to be in breach of relevant legislation.

“This policy will offer the council the means to take action against landlords and agents who have been convicted of certain offences, and who routinely offer poor housing, often to the poorest and most vulnerable in society.”

The authority believes there is a clear public interest in managing landlords who commit serious offences effectively, both to protect their tenants and the wider community.

It explains: “Strategic housing within adult care, housing and public health have noted that the potential to use banning orders are a necessary tool to improve the private rented sector and protect tenants.”

Financial burden

In 2020, the council extended – and expanded – its selective licensing scheme, despite protests that it would be an unnecessary financial burden on landlords.

Those with properties in the Eastwood/Town Centre, Masbrough, Maltby South East, Dinnington, Thurcroft and Parkgate areas have to stump up £521 for a licence.

Banning orders are set to be approved at the council’s next cabinet meeting on 25th April.


  1. We only let out good quality family homes and try to keep up with all new legislation But the way the governments keep going after PRS landlords they must be blind if they don’t already see how many landlords are leaving the sector. Our houses are normally snapped up on the first viewings, I see increasing numbers of adds for houses for sale with tenant in situ or seeing social media posts where tenants are looking for houses as their landlords are evicting them as they are selling up and there is just nothing available. I guess its an easy vote winner at the election to kick the PRS landlords? It’s not going to be long until there are so many people looking for a house and there are no options. Maybe then the government will realize what they have done. Luckily for me, none of our houses are affected by local council housing licences schemes. They only hit the good landlords and the councils are too lazy to go after the bad ones. When things change and i’m affected by the licencing schemes, I’ll either pass along the increase to the tenants or start selling houses. House prices are sky high at the moment, so its a good time to sell. Up to now, even in 17 years, I’ve never increased a tenant’s rent, but with all the new legislation coming in, things have to change. EPC C will be a huge rent increase across all of my houses. Those that can be made to conform will be, those that cant will be sold. I just cant keep absorbing all of the additional costs without passing them along. And at the moment, everyone is struggling with price increases from food, fuel and everything else. I’m not immune to price increases, everyone else is passing them along and the government just keep hitting landlords. I can’t keep absorbing the increases, they will have to be passed along. Sorry.

    • “An easy vote winner”. Yes you’ve nailed it! This “conservative” government has been pursuing an anti-landlord policy for years. Why? Because they can look all cuddly and kind to tenants who are usually YOUNG voters who will be voting longer, whilst at the same time making way for their City pals – corporate build to rent etc etc.

      And they know that PRS landlords have nowhere to run – Labour aren’t exactly landlord-friendly.

      Finally, these councils have a bloody cheek! Recently several London councils were shown to be allowing their tenants to live in an appalling state with water coming through their ceilings etc.

  2. Why is’nt Shelter etc going after the social housing sector (local authorities & housing associations) who are generally providing some of the worst quality of housing and some appalling badly maintained stock. Yes there are ‘rogue landlords in the PRS but the whole sector should not be tarred wuth the same brush especially when some housing associations and local authorities have shocking records of unfit for human habitation accommodation. For godenss sake even the Salvation Army has been labelled a rogue landlord in a recent documentary.


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