The short-lets sector needs better standards and quality controls, according to one of its big players.

Host & Stay, which manages more than 500 properties across North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland, the North East and South Wales, has joined the UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) in a bid to help make these improvements.

It follows criticism of the sector by some local councils and MPs after many traditional landlords, particularly in the South West, switched to short-lets during the staycation boom.

It was recently reported that Devon has seen a staggering 70% drop in private rented properties over the last two years as a result.


Host & Stay director Dale Smith (main pic) explains: “We believe the short-let industry needs better standards and quality controls.

“We want to be part of those improvements and feel that the STAA is well positioned to support the growth of the sector in a responsible manner and is the association that really understands how the industry is changing and is best aligned to where the industry is actually heading.”

short lets

STAA chair Merilee Karr (pictured) says during the last 18 months, membership has grown considerably and that the trade body is in a very strong position to work with members to initiate industry change and drive responsible growth.

She adds: “Our reputation for collaboration with local authorities, government and other associations is well known.”

Host & Stay provides an end-to-end service for holiday home owners, offering customers a full package of services including finding the right properties to buy, providing interior design packages, professional photography, marketing, booking generation, maintenance, housekeeping and a full laundry and linen service.


  1. This is self-serving nonsense from Dale Smith, the owner of HOst and Stay, hoping to saddle small holiday-let owners with a load of bureaucracy. I own a single holiday-let in Devon as do at least half a dozen of my friends and our standards of cleanliness, safety – gas boiler and elec checks – knock spots off local hotels, as well as being streets ahead in interior design.

  2. Furthermore, with a flood of refugees and cross-Channel immigrants currently being sent to coastal towns – where many local hotels are being tied up by Serco on long term contracts as there is no PRS housing available – there will be even more of a demand for high quality holiday rentals with small individual owners provide with a passion and very high standards. You only need to look at what is happening in Scarborough to predict that many people will be be swerving big hotels in favour of small private holiday lets in the forseeable future.
    This government is a joke – not remotely Conservative and not able to plan ahead for the effects of knee-jerk legislation designed to keep the extremists at Shelter happy.

  3. Very interesting point about how the govts requisitioning of hotels via Serco is having a profound effect on those towns. Nigel Farage was the first to bring it to everyone’s attention and he was roundly castigated for doing so… Hummmmm Seems yet again he was proven right.

    As a landlord in the PRS there is 100% no way I would get involved in housing the boat people. I’d rather sell up.

  4. There is a massive problem with FRAUD in the short-term letting sector.

    Nobody is addressing this.

    I don’t know why because if it was addressed most LL would be forced to stop letting on a non-AST basis.

  5. I absolutely agree with Sunnyland17. I have been involved in both the PRS and FHL (“holiday cottages”) businesses for most of my adult life, and I will be 80 next birthday, so that is quite a long time. The PRS is being loaded with more and more expensive regulation and bureaucracy much of the cost of which falls on tenants. The FHL business remains market driven. If your flat or cottage is not in good order, clean and well -presented, and does not provide good value for cost, your clients will not come back and will warn their friends against your properties and you will soon lose your business. I have seen it happen often.

    • Govt will be seeking to eradicate FHL as well.

      They don’t want 2nd homeowners.
      The FHL tax breaks will be removed.

      FHL LL need to ensure they can still be viable even with tax breaks removed and a version of S24.

      If not they need to sell up.

      • yes, i’ll still be viable as I don’t have a mortgage, even if the govt tighten the screws (and fyi I don’t think they will as FHL’s contribute signifcantly to local tourism and the economy). Not sure what ‘fraud’ you are referring to but you sound like a sour-grapes kind of guy.


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