England, Wales and Northern Ireland all have ministers who look after the private rental sector (PRS) but now Scotland is to get its first ever dedicated minister for tenants’ rights.

Landlords in Scotland have had the unwelcome news over the weekend that following the power sharing deal between the SNP and the Scottish Greens, Patrick Harvie is set to become zero carbon buildings, active travel and tenants’ rights.

The agreement was signed by the two parties late last week and ratified by SNP members over the Bank Holiday weekend.

But the 48-year-old is no friend of landlords, as his chosen portfolio in the corridors of Scottish power suggests.

He has described the country’s PRS as ‘overpriced and insecure’ for tenants and that it is ‘in need of change’ and has been a regular supporter of rent controls across Scotland in the media, along with ‘action against unfit landlords’.

Harvie also said he will always put tenants first a politician.

His appointment follows the Bute House Agreement between the two parties, which was launched by Harvie along with First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Greens co-founder Lorna Slater.

It says: “We will also implement an effective national system of rent controls, with an appropriate mechanism to allow local authorities to introduce local measures. We will consult on the options, deliver legislation and implement rent controls by the end of 2025.”

Harvie hand is also clear to see within the document elsewhere, including a commitment to bring in a new deal for tenants. Measures already announced include a new housing regulator, restrictions on evictions during the winter months and penalties for landlords who evict tenants illegally.


  1. The PRS will shrink back to about 7% as it was in the bad old days of sitting tenants etc.

    For some reason these Scottish Communists believe they can do anything to LL and they will still stay in the market to be further abused!!

    These Scottish Communists will unfortunately for them be sadly disabused from this notion.

    LL will simply stop letting on the ridiculous Scottish PRT and utilise the SA and FHL option.

    If these are clamped down then LL will sell up.

    I suspect many Scottish LL will liquidate their rental properties and move to England.

    Scotland will become a rental desert!

    Rent controls have the proven capacity to restrict Capital Growth.
    No sane LL would wish to retain a rent controlled property.

    Yield is all very well but most LL are in the game for the big CG at the end of an investment timeline.

    Won’t get that with a rent controlled property!!

    Never would I invest in ANY rent controlled property.
    Guess that means ANY Scottish property.

    Mind you the ridiculous PRT was sufficient to deter me from ever investing in Scottish property.

    Mortgage lenders will only be able to lend on a percentage of the controlled rents.

    That means vastly larger deposits required.

    I can’t see a rent controlled property being a viable business investment.

    I reckon such rent controls could also reduce the value of UK housing in general especially the Scottish stuff.

    LL demand greatly supports property prices in general.

    There certainly arent the other buyers to replace LL that can afford to buy.
    If LL stop buying and sell off there will be a slump in values.

    Time to bail methinks especially if a Scottish LL.

  2. Dear Paul,

    I think that’s the point. What do you think will happen if many landlords sell up? Many more properties then available for folks that are stuck renting, like myself. Frankly I’m looking forward to less profiteering on the necessities.

    Stay safe everyone,


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