A property portal that is claiming to be a ‘Rightmove for landlords’ by enabling buy-to-let investors to search for properties using landlord-friendly data has launched.

Property.xyz is the brainchild of former North West estate agent and property investment consultant Rob Jones (pictured) who has spent the past 18 months preparing and launching the website.

In 2018 he began looking at turning his then one-on-one investment service into a scaleable national platform that would achieve the same outcomes for landlords, but be much simpler to use.

The website soft-launched in August this year but is now ready to roll after months of user testing.

“We wanted to know what extra features investors and landlords needed and how the property search could work better,” says Jones.

Intelligent portal

“Our aim is to build the world’s most intelligent property portal with two key aims for landlords – a new way to search that’s unique for every user including by using yield, buyer demand and house price growth, but also a housing market and ‘investment potential’ research tool.”

Property.xyz is also planning to launch services that will allow much more local and granular data including looking at local yields per square foot, for example, and refurbishment potential.

“It’s the kind of information you’d have to gather yourself either on foot or by phoning up agents and other sources of information,” says Jones.

“There are loads of data sources out there but the skill is bringing it all together into one place that makes sense.”

But it’s the platform’s search function that will attract many landlords and investors, which as well as investment information includes planning and in future is to be upgraded with compliance information such as EPCs, Gas Safe, electrical safety and licensing.

Visit Property.xyz


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