Successive governments’ attempts to clamp down on rogue operators within the PRS means errant landlords are now exposed to fines totalling £55,000 as well as unlimited Rent Repayment Orders and up to three years in jail under Right to Rent regulations, it has been revealed.

This extraordinary tally is highlighted by Paul Shamplina, Chief Commercial Officer at Hamilton Fraser, who wonders if many landlords have ever been shown the reality of failing to be compliant.

He also says many landlords’ views on property management might change if they were shown the full list of fines and penalties they face.

“While these are the most extreme cases, I think it presents a clear picture that there is more emphasis than ever on landlords to be professional and compliant – there is no margin for error,” he says.

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“Self-management is more challenging now than I have ever known it to be in the 30 years I’ve been involved in the private rental sector.”

Rights awareness

Shamplina also warns that tenants are becoming increasingly aware of their rights, partly due to local and national government campaigns to raise awareness but also efforts by key housing campaigning groups to highlight rogue landlords in the media.

“I think it is disappointing, especially after all the hard work landlords and tenants have gone through over the past year to work collaboratively, that such narratives are used,” he says.

“It creates a divide that suggests landlords and letting agents have no interest in having well-informed customers and are therefore mistreating their tenants.”

Shamplina says there will always be a small number of landlords and letting agents who deliberately fail to provide tenants with adequate information, the vast majority take their responsibilities seriously.

Find out more about Shamplina’s landlord course on self management.


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