A bill seeking to ban landlords from evicting tenants who have fallen behind with their rent is to gain a second reading in Parliament later this month.

The Evictions (Universal Credit) Bill is to get a second airing on February 25th in the House of Commons after passing its first hearing five months ago.

It is a private members bill sponsored by Scottish MP Chris Stephens, who represents the constituency of Govan in Glasgow, which is one of the ten most deprived areas of the UK.

Details of the bill are to be revealed on the 25th. It is one of a staggering 14 bills that Stephens presented to parliament on 18th June 2021 as part of his ‘radical manifesto’.

Bedroom tax

They span a range of social and employment issues from reforms on workers’ rights to full employment and changes to Health and Safety legislation, including a proposal to repeal the bedroom tax legislation.

Stephens has admitted that his proposed bill on evictions is unlikely to make its way through both houses of parliament to become law, largely because the government is unlikely to support the measure.

“I want to present a vision that represents the interests of my constituents and would be of benefit to them,” he says.

“Obviously I want to raise these issues to support campaigners who are working for change around workers rights, social security and asylum seekers’ rights.”

The MPs comments are closely aligned with that of housing charity Crisis, which in September last year warned that the £20-a-week cut to universal credit would lead to some 100,000 households would be ‘at risk of eviction’ after the benefit reduction.

Read more about Universal Credit and landlords.


  1. Yep, they have lots of spare time in Parliament to debate proposals even the proposer knows won’t be accepted. Well done mate.

    And just imagine if it DID go into Law.

    No Landlord would take on a benefits claiming tenant (not many do now).

    How about working WITH landlords to create a fair system which provides good quality housing whilst also protecting the very people making that housing available in the first place.

  2. so what this bellend is saying is that people who are paid benefits to provide housing should be able to spend said benefits on other things and its just tough on the landlord he cant do anything about it

    words fail me

  3. Defies any common sense , if he wants to present a bill that represents what his constituents would like then why not legalise shoplifting or make paying any bill optional .

    Since when has it been acceptable to spout this sort of mindless rubbish, does Chris Stephens not feel any embarrassment at saying such stupid things ?

  4. If someone is in receipt of Benefits and not paying their rent, why should n’t they be evicted?. This is tax payers money. Either they pay the rent the landlord or return it to the Government? Why should a tenant be able to keep that tax payers money to spend as they wish?.

    These type of policies will only deter landlords renting to those in need. Labour are anti-landlord, but it hurting some of whom they represent.

  5. Wtf is this mp on. No1 helps landlords when tennants don’t pay rent. Landlords lose alot because of rent arrears. Tennants get away with it. Landlords loses £1000s because tennant rent arrears.

  6. You get some stupid mindless ppl who think they know it all. I’m currently dealing with bad tennant who getting evicted. Stolen my rents. What give the tennants right to steal landlords money. I’ve emailed council n dwp no help. They don’t give a toss whether tennants pay rent or not. Law needs to change. Faster eviction and keep a record on bad tennants. Who steal rent payments. Destroy houses. We all landlords need to give our input and make a stand.


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