Boris Johnson has managed to belittle the private rented sector while launching a policy to introduce long-term fixed-rate 95% LTV mortgages for first-time buyers.

Speaking at the Conservative’s virtual national conference, the PM told the party faithful that the Government aimed to turn Generation Rent into Generation Buy.

“The disgraceful truth is that home ownership levels in this country have plummeted and many are forced to pay through the nose to rent a home they can’t truly love or make their own,” said Johnson.

Buying instinct

He said that while many people liked the flexibility that renting offered, for most people the “overwhelming instinct was to buy”, but that they couldn’t afford the mortgage or deposit. He added that this initiative – the biggest expansion of home ownership since the 1980s – should create two million more owner-occupiers.

“We will give power back to people – the fundamental, life-affirming power of home ownership. The power to decide what colour to paint your own front door.”

The National Residential Landlords Association says the PM is wrong to believe that tenants can’t turn the properties they live in into a home of their own and points to a previous survey which revealed that 63% of renters had redecorated their home.

It also showed that 52% had made significant changes to their gardens with the landlord’s permission.

Policy director Chris Norris (left) says landlords much prefer to have tenants settled long term in a home they feel comfortable in and want to look after.

He adds: “If the Government really wants to support homeownership it should consider changes to the tax system to support and encourage landlords considering leaving the market to sell to first-time buyers.

“Reports that ministers are considering an increase in capital gains tax would serve only to incentivise landlords to hold on to properties longer than they might otherwise have done.”

Read more: NRLA writes to Boris.


  1. There are plenty of nice cheap houses up North. You can get a 2 bed bungalow with gardens front and back and garage for £80k (asking price), a large 2 bed terraced with garden and OS parking for £75k (asking price).

  2. What ever happened to a free market loving conservative government?

    The world continues to move into selling utiltiy not things – how many CD’s are sold vs people paying subscriptions, most cars are sold on a lease basis these day as I could go on.

    And if he thinks that forcing mortgage companies to accept 5% deposits, then either the rates will have to increase to cover their risk, or the government will bail them out.

    And with the temproary reduction in stamp duty – what happened? house prices went up so that didn’t help buyers either.

    • And there you have it writ large straight from the arsehole’s mouth.
      He intends the destruction of LL who only ever responded to demand by providing a market based solution.

      LL took risks providing these accommodation solutions when nobody else was.

      Were LL responsible for the 10 million unwanted and unneeded immigrants!?

      They created the demand.

      It must be obvious to LL now that the highest political authority considers you LL to be ripping people off.

      Straight out of the GR and Shelter playbook.

      LL time to get out of the game.
      You are to be taxed abd regulated into oblivion.

      • Larson101 – THAT is the point. The New Cuddly Tories realise it’s a free lunch to bash small residential landlords and by so doing, look lovely and caring to mainly young voters. They know landlords have literally nowhere to turn.

      • Good point, Larson101. I have always made a point of voting, but at the next election I shall write on my ballot slip “NONE. I AM A LANDLORD.” I have no confidence that any of the political parties will ensure fair play for landlords. I wonder how many landlords will also submit a protest vote.

  3. There are homeowners who committed to that financial mortgage obligation Boris is trying to promote who have later found out they couldn’t afford to do home improvements to make it their own nor maintain their property, and a lot of these victims have been forced out of their homes by their lenders on Default Notices. The Government have hit the private rental sector landlords so hard, particularly on taxation, they’re being forced out too. Post Covid there is very little consumer confidence to commit and buy, private landlords are not going to pick the broken pieces up, Boris you need to have a long hard re-think what you’re doing.

  4. I have a small number of rented properties one of which was bought many years ago at auction repaired and renovated and rented to a couple who had lost their house due to their inability to keep up their mortgage payments.

    They are still on the same rent that they moved in almost 20 years ago, they have maintained and improved a large garden to their own requirements, they have redecorated to their own requirements and are ideal tenants in many respects. I suspect that there are many landlords with similar stories.

    I also have other properties in which tenants have created total destruction, unpaid rent, severe damage, disruption to the peace and quiet of neighbors. I suspect that there are many landlords with similar stories.

    Not all landlords are making fortunes from the renting of properties and continuing harassment of landlords by successive governments of all political persuasions further reduces the ability of the rented section to provide a badly needed service.

  5. We have over 80 properties, most of our tenants choose not to buy even though they can.

    Usually it’s because they don’t want any unplanned major expenses. They like that they can call us to fix the boiler or any repairs.

    They also like the flexibility of being able to move if they don’t like the area, or neighbours or need to get into a school catchment area.

    I feel the government should ask tenants how they feel before deciding for them.
    Most are quite happy and enjoy renting.

  6. This is so sad to read, my biggest disappointment, is where on earth do landlords turn? Most of landlords probably voted for Boris because the alternative was a Corbyn government which probably would have had all landlords hand over their properties to their tenants as gestures of Goodwill.

    Unfortunately, Landlords are a minority, and politicians want the votes, so they will appeal to the renters to stay in power, regardless of the actual facts, and what is right over wrong.

    Boris’s argument is not only factually wrong, but most landlords prefer long term tenants who do make a home their own, if they redecorate, most landlords agree provided its not awful unnatural colours. So there is no logic behind his argument.

    I personally believe, that the government only want professional full time landlords, they do not want accidental landlords (such as people who inherited a home and rented it out) or landlords with a few properties supplementing their income. The government and all political parties appear to be showing that they will continue to batter Landlords until this is achieved.

  7. Leaving aside the witch hunt of landlords for cheap political gain. I feel that it is immoral to put pressure on young people to think that buying is the no brainer for setting up a home. A lot of my renters quickly find that life changes mean that they need to move due to other jobs or split ups or babies etc. If they have rented this will be a simple and economical process.
    If they have bought they are faced by delays on sales, solicitors fees, estate agents fees, mortgage fees, etc. There are still many people caught in negative equity traps that have blighted their lives for years or have turned down jobs because of the cost and disruption of selling.
    I know I have a vested interest but the millstone of property ownership can a be a nightmare for young home makers. I also have two long term renters who have turned down discounted purchase of their properties as they are more comfortable renting.

  8. Considering the constant barrage of direct hits that Landlords have took over recent years, from increased taxes to more red tape in worthless statutes, this, having been increasing for many a year, this ongoing attack; where are all the Landlord Associations countering these changes/proposals?

    Why do we pay several hundred each year, yet, we are alone without any one worthy to challenge or countered any of these changes! All this poop and landlords have been alone to take this abuse, no real criticism of noteworthy that I can think of?

    Makes you suspected that any associations only really wants your yearly subs, and who seemed to spend their time in pushing insurance etc. policies, decades we’ve paid, yet haven’t actually used, apart from peace of mind worthy bundled together in sub insurance from one, least it’s something, at least when this attack continues, I know where we’re able to save several hundred of wasterd pounds!!

    • Totally agree – I said similar in the last NRLA survey that they should be doing so much more. We are being systematically shat on by govt who are definitely on a mission with a hidden agenda (destroy the private rental sector which they don’t understand or care about anyway). There will be large numbers of young people not being able to afford to get on the property ladder or not want to due to job uncertainty and no property to rent – what will the Tories do then?

  9. And back in the real world Boris – people who are incompetent are fired with potentially no money for rent or mortgage payments. In politics we are lumbered with PMs and MPs who are a complete disgrace – not fired and who we the tax payers have to pay for in salaries and board (10 Downing St as an example).

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