Landlords who have been waiting to get a fresh fix of their favourite property TV programme Nightmare Tenants starring Paul Shamplina need delay no longer.

After a brief pause, the 12-part series called Evicted! Nightmare Tenants on Channel 5 is to restart on 24th June at 10pm. Atlhough the first episode was shown in February the series was paused until now.

Filmed prior to the latest Covid restrictions, it follows lettings agents, evictions specialists and lawyers working at the often shocking front line of the private rental market.

Viewings should be ready for more on-screen clashes as landlords chase rent arrears and try to get their properties back; as well as council housing enforcement officers clamping down on slum landlords taking advantage of vulnerable tenants. 

The first episode featured a 13-hour siege by squatters, a guarantor stitched up by his own son, and a landlord who calls on the help of eviction expert Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action because his tenant owes £16,000 rent arrears.  

Shamplina (main pic) says: “I’m so pleased that the latest series is finally airing because the stories we have featured will really resonate with a lot of landlords – there are some shocking cases.”

Watch Paul present his favourite highlights from previous series of the show.


  1. I haven’t seen the series, do you offer solutions in your stories? I hope so.
    Do you show what LLs have to comply with and what it all costs? Many people think LLs pocket the full rent and are filthy rich. It would be good to show what really goes on at the LLs side.

  2. the council would have been paying that scummy female tenant money to pay the rent and horror stories like this make landlords not want to rent to anyone if they claim some housing benefit

  3. The likes of Paul Shamplina and Paul Bohill have become famous from this sort of show, and they have done an excellent job of showing the public the sort of appalling stuff some landlords and tenants have to deal with, how hopelessly inadequate our legal system is for protecting good landlords, and what disgusting condititions some people live in, more often and not because of their own unwillingness to make any effirt to keep their house in order.

  4. One would expect those in authority to learn lessons from these shows, but yet they still do very little to protect good landlords and enable them to deal with scum tenants promptly and cost effectively.

  5. Many of the tenants come across as scum on these shows. I’d love to know why they allow the shows to be aired, showing the public what scum they are. Do they get paid for allowing them to be shown, or does the show have a legal right to show them in the public interest? I noticed that sometimes faces are hidden.


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