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Labour’s Mayor of London candidate Sadiq Khan, in launching his manifesto in the Dockland’s Canary Wharf, put housing at the heart of his fight.

According to Khan, the Mayor of London election is a referendum on the Conservatives’ affordable housing record and an “opportunity to tackle inequality in the capital city”.

Housing issues are at the heart of the Labour candidate’s Mayoral election manifesto, which he launched with the help of former minister Tessa Jowell in Canary Wharf last week.

The International Business Times (IBT) quoted Khan the Tooting MP as saying:

“This city gave me and my family a helping hand we needed to fulfil our potential.

“But the sad reality facing our city today is that too many Londoners are missing out on the opportunities that I was given. Too many are being price out of our city. This election is a referendum on the Tory housing crisis.

“For young families, even those on good incomes, home ownership is increasingly a distant dream.

“For those on average incomes, it’s become a fantasy. Yet most Londoners do aspire to own their own home just like me wife and I did.

“Those Londoners need a Mayor with the ambition and ability to deliver a massive step-change in home building,” said Mr Khan”

If successful, Kahn expects to use Transport for London (TfL) land, a major owner of land and property in and around London, to help developers build more properties in London. The policy, which is similar to one proposed by the Green Party, will, he claims, enable builders to avoid green belt land.

Khan’s housing strategy also includes using City Hall to attract more institutional investors, pension and other investment funds to finance affordable housing developments.

His plan also includes the building of an online database of “rogue” landlords to help tenants decide which tenancies to use in the capital.

The former lawyer, Khan also expects to tackle inequality in London stating that he would be a “proud feminist” in City Hall, publishing an “annual gender pay audit”, this in a bid to make salaries across the sexes more equal.

According to IBT, Tory hopeful Zac Goldsmith has continually attacked Khan over his links to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claiming Londoners would be “lab rats” in a left-wing economic experiment if Khan won the City Hall race.

But the Labour hopeful remains the front-runner in the May election, with the latest opinion poll from Opinium for The Evening Standard putting him 10 points ahead of Goldsmith on second preference votes (55% versus 45%, respectively).

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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