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Three leading organisations representing both tenants and landlords have called for the government to introduce additional financial support for renters when the eviction ban ends at the end of September.

These are Chris Norris of the NRLA, Caitlin Wilkinson of Generation Rent and Ruth Ehrlich of Shelter.

The trio were grilled today by MPs during a 60-minute hearing held by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee chaired by Clive Betts MP.

This session started with Shelter claiming that 58,000 households in the private rental sector have already left properties at their landlord’s request since March, and that 174,000 renters have already been told that they will be evicted once the ban is lifted.

But despite their different outlooks, the session saw all three witnesses agree on a surprisingly wide range of topics.

This included that arrears are running at approximately twice the normal rate of 2-3% of all tenancies and that none of them supported the concept of ‘rent forgiveness’, a popular #hashtag on Twitter.

Instead, both Shelter, Generation Rent and the NRLA said they are urging the government to introduce more support for tenants who get into rent arrears, something that may appear in next week’s mooted emergency budget.

The NRLA says this could be achieved through ‘zero or no interest’ loans whereas Shelter and Generation Rent said they would prefer to see additional support via the benefits system, and not for tenants to be driven further into debt.

Chris Norris of the NRLA also said that he doesn’t believe there will be a cliff-face of evictions if the ban is lifted in September.

Instead, he said the NRLA favours a selective lifting so the courts can prioritise those tenants who had been served with notices prior to the Covid pandemic due to deliberate non-payment of rent or anti-social behaviour. He also suggested a geographic lifting of the ban to help in areas where court backlogs are the largest.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. So again no real representation for landlords from the NRLA. What is their purpose, small landlords are suffering like never before but all they seem concerned with is tenants.

    • Well said Paul. I wrote to Ben Beadle a couple of weeks back to say I was not renewing my membership because they’re so bloody useless. He’s not even bothered to respond.

  2. This is precisely why I cannot afford as a Landlord to join the NRLA. Landlords in low rent areas like ourselves in Wales, cannot afford to give tenants a holiday from paying rents. They probably earn more than we do, and we depend on the rent to supplement our meagre pension to live and pay our way. There are literally hundreds of rules we have to abide by as Landlords, some of them sensible, others, totally bonkers. We do not have a mortgage on the property but last year our profit for the whole year was under 2K. Things cannot carry on like this. Someone needs to fight for us and it looks like the NRLA are asleep on their feet and the government is on the tenants side, so NO ONE STANDS ON THE LANDLORDS SIDE. Each new minister brings in illogical and totally ridiculous rules just to justify their existence and ensure more votes.

  3. Agreed it’s all about the Tenents . Where will they go when we can no longer afford the mortgages and all legal obligations . I’m currently paying for my tenants living in my property .

  4. WHY, would the NRLA call for a partial Lifting ( When, Lifting ends ??? ) – especially if NRLA reckon there is no cliff-edge.
    The answer to the backlog is Remote hearings and Accelerated ( paperwork ) court orders for possession.
    My god do landlords need someone to speak up for them.

  5. How about asking the government if they deem housing so important why is the housing element the first to be axed if tenant over benefit cap!
    It is obvious if tenant can’t pay the rent they will be evicted.

  6. What planet are the NRLA on and who do they think they represent ?

    What is more, GR are a TINY leftie organisation who punch well above their weight becasue no one is prepared to challenge the easy pickings their press releases make. The PRS needs some organisation that challenges these leftie charities and lobbying firms. Even this morning the Resolution Foundation was pumping a ‘ study ‘ on BBC Morning News. We in the PRS need an organisation with balls to challenge this

  7. Im that sick of it now i am really considering selling up, lock stock and barrel , ever more costs we are expected to absorb, lender of last resort to tenants that don’t pay .

  8. As a landlord I have a Tennant not paying any rent as right now the government is supporting Tennant’s and they have blindly refused to pay rent at the same time I have a mortgage and although on Mortgage holiday I need that rent I can’t evict my Tennant who I know will not pay any rent wait for me to go to court to evic them while costing me a fortune and time as they continue to live rent free where is the justice for landlords

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