The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) says its proposed government-guaranteed hardship loan scheme to help pay off Covid-related rent arrears in England will prevent evictions and save tenants money.

The government has so far ruled out introducing a similar scheme to those running in Scotland and Wales. But the NRLA believes its plan wouldn’t increase debt for tenants, but would simply transfer the existing debt from the landlord to the loan scheme.

Making it interest-free would reduce the debt compared to borrowing from other lenders who would charge interest.

It suggests that eligibility should be based on whether a household was able to meet a standard affordability assessment before March 2020.

Student style

Repayments would then be made in line with the recovery of the tenant’s income using a similar model to that used for student loan repayments.

The NRLA also believes that there is an urgent need for the courts to speed up the way they handle legitimate possession cases and that in future the process should be ‘digital by default’ unless there are clear reasons why this would not be appropriate.

Its new report on the state of the PRS warns that without financial support to tackle Covid-related rent arrears, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is forcing landlords into a corner; they either have to accept continuing to receive no income or resort to repossessing their property.

Most landlords (60%) feel their rentals business will be negatively affected as a result of the pandemic, with 34% saying their rental income has been impacted.


Chief executive Ben Beadle (left) says: “Landlords want to sustain tenancies wherever possible, but without the support so many desperately need, the Chancellor will need to accept the tragic costs of his failure to act.”

Read the report in full.


  1. The Chancellor is not the slightest bit interested in any tragic effects of failure to assist LL.

    He like the rest of the Tory Party is driven by a toxic desire to see the eradication of small LL especially those with mortgages.

    The quickest way for lits of properties to be available for sale is to force LL to sell up.
    The mortgaged PRS probably accounts for about 5 million rental properties.

    Forcing LL to sell would be an instant home supply with no building required.

    If affordable which is doubtful every LL property could be bought for owner occupation.

    Though I doubt banks would be prepared to provide the mortgages required.

  2. Unfair taxes would be my reason for selling. Been a landlord since mid 80s and considering starting to sell.
    I offer affordable property to tenants that couldn’t live in the size of homes I rent to them due to the time I’ve been a landlord.Have a range of tenants from NHS management staff to one parent mothers with children LHA.
    I probably been to honest and fair over the years now taxes are crippling me.
    Should be at least allowed to set the original purchase price based on current BTL mortgage rate against you rental yields.
    What other business gets no relief on debt
    Basic and fair taxes to all including landlords.

    • Love the sentiment which I’m sure every LL agrees with you.

      Basic and fair taxes like any other business!!!

      Unfortunately toxic Govt ideology has no thought for being fair at all.

      Govt seeks to get rid of mortgaged LL as a business or investor class.

      This in the mistaken belief that OO will vote Tory.

      They couldn’t be more wrong.

      I predict that the S24 20% tax credit will ve removed.

      CGT for any 2bd home will increase to 50%

      PRA LTV for new mortgages will be reduced to 50%.

      That will cause a wholesale evacuation of LL from the PRS.

      It would provide an instant boost of homes available for OO.

      Of course it would cause mass tenant homelessness but nobody cares about tenants.

      Govt wants more OO by hook or by crook!!

      Forcing LL to sell up achieves this far quicker than waiting for properties to be built.

      Mind you that still doesn’t solve the affordability problems.

      Govt will need to assist these aspirant OO to buy ex-rental stock.

      Perhaps based on tenant payment history Govt could offer preferential assistance to aspirant OO.

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