Landlords have few opportunities to talk directly to the government department that taxes them, but LandlordZONE readers will have a rare opportunity to do just that on November 30th.

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Our tax partner APARI is hosting a free online webinar at which representatives from HMRC will be on hand to take questions from those attending the event.

There will be plenty to discuss. HMRC recently pushed forward the implementation of its Making Tax Digital scheme which will see any landlord with a gross rental income of £10,000 a year (or £850 a month) move to quarterly rather than annual tax returns.

Not only will this require all landlords covered by MTD to begin digitising the way they collect and report their income and expenses, but for those who use accountants to file their tax returns, costs could also rise.

Higher costs

landlord tax anish apari

“Accountancy firms are trying to work out how they’ll charge landlords for their services as they move from a single annual tax filing event to five,” says Anish Mehta, UK Managing Partner at APARI.

“Landlords are going to have to be far more on the ball about keeping their records up to date, but there are easy to use tools for this.

“In return, they’ll be much more aware of their likely tax liability as each year progresses, rather than getting a surprise tax bill after the year has ended.”

Originally scheduled to go live at the beginning of April 2023, MTD was pushed forward a further 12 months.

Register for the free event.


  1. Final nail in the coffin for traditional LL that has been the back bone of private rented sector for over 40 years even ARLA is only about 13 years if my memory serves me right all the others about 5 minutes & tell everyone what experts they are. We had to take everything that was thrown at us during this time including 5 recessions and stood the test of time until now. We had to wait for Computers to be invented and Digital Academics to be born and occupy HMRC to finish us off. They are all so full or themselves sooner or later it will transpire that everyone inside and outside are all digital everything and no one to do actual work, no one left to rip off or fine, pressing buttons to each other won’t work anymore, you are forgetting we have been major tax payers for decades and this is our thanks.


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