The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has poured cold water on the Government’s fast-tracked plans to fit 5.5 million heat pumps in UK homes by 2030.

The target is to phase out all gas boilers by 2035 as part of its green ten-point plan and while concerns have already been raised about the lack of trained installers, the industry body has now advocated caution.

HHIC director Stewart Clements says that while the ambition is positive, it has to be prepared for what happens if it can’t meet that ambition.

He says: “The accelerated timelines will be very difficult to achieve in practice. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy needs to urgently engage with the heating industry to fully understand what we can start to deliver, and what we will need to put into place.”

Clements believes more work is needed on reskilling the workforce and developing supply chains and has also called for a reduction in red tape to let more people access support schemes such as the Green Homes Grant.

Clements (pictured) adds: “As an industry we are committed to helping and supporting the UK reach our carbon reduction targets. If a collaborative approach is adopted the heating industry is confident it can reduce emissions to meet our net zero goals.”

It follows news that the Green Homes Grant can’t keep up with demand as there aren’t enough registered tradespeople to do the work under the popular scheme; with only 1,200 TrustMark registered installers, some homeowners and landlords are struggling to get work booked in.


  1. Retrofitting heat pumps to our raging housing stock is not just expensive it is unrealistic.
    If gas boilers are to be phased out we need an easily adopted, cost effective alternative – not pie in the sky.
    We can produce clean electricity so we can use that – or hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas, but give us realistic alternatives before setting the cut off date for natural gas.

  2. I think it’s mind numbingly stupid and irresponsible to remove perfectly good heating systems. It’s a waste of money, and questionable in terms of impact on the climate and pollution, as production and installation of new systems has raw material, transportation, deforestation, emissions, scrappage/disposal implications, and no sysyem has an infinite lifespan, so later replacement will be necessary anyway. Only broken down old systems should be the focus of replacement, and only they and newbuild should get the new technology imposed upon it/them.

  3. Where are we supposed to get the money to findance this? Landlords in most of rural Wales receive rent so low that we can barely keep up with current legislation.

  4. Clive,
    Another ill thought out plan. Please tell me how a heat pump can be fitted to an apartment three floors up with an outside wall into a conservation area?

  5. Govt is pathetic.

    There is no way I as a LL will ever fit such heat pumps.

    But what I will do is remove all AST tenants and take in lodgers living 1 day per month in my multiple 2nd homes.

    As a residential occupier I will not be required to have heat pumps.

    Anyone who isn’t a single unrelated lodger won’t be able to source a letting with me.

    No AST lettings at all and less than 5 occupiers so NOT needing to comply with Mandatory HMO Licensing.

    Will sell any property in an a Selective or Additional Licensing area or in a flood risk area.

    Also any flats.

    I might end up with just one 4 bed house.

    That will mean 12 occupants I will have made homeless as no way will I sell unless vacant occupation.

    Well done idiot Govt.

    Heat pumps are about as ridiculous an idea as banning sale of ICE vehicles.

    The idea that man is causing climate change is the biggest con perpetrated on the little people.

    The climate has always changed.
    There is NOTHING man can do to prevent it.
    Billions of years ago the world was basically a jungle.
    All very warm and sweaty.

    Where do you think all the oil and gas came from!?

    Yep all those jungle plants.

    If every form of combustion was stopped tomorrow it would have absolutely NO effect on the climate which will do as it wants.

    There is no way that LL will convert gas boilers to heat pumps.
    LL would rather sell up as I will be doing.

    No way will I be getting or even be to afford an electric car.

    I’d love to know how Govt imagines all these cars can be charged.

    I presume they are aware that a 100 amp fuse which is what is in most properties would be unable to operate a charger.
    Charging from a 3 pin plug would take hours and that is access to a plug is possible.

    Govt with it’s bonkers ideas will cause a massive contraction in the PRS.
    Because of course homeowners won’t be subject to these ridiculous strictures.

    Tenants may find the only they will be able to house themselves is to become homeowners.

    Easy to say not so easy to do!

  6. If the govt seriously want to get rid of gas boilers in the next 15 yrs why aren’t they forcing developers to put green alternatives in new builds. There’s a lot of housing going up right now with gas boilers in. I guess their mates the big developers have a lot more political clout than small landlords and can do as they please and leave the consequences for the unfortunate purchaser to bear the cost of changing in just a few years.


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