Ground source heat pump installation costs can add up to an eyewatering £35,000, according to one heating expert, and are incompatible with most homes.

Even for committed landlords who have the space and the planning permission, those with a combi boiler or a hydrogen-ready boiler won’t qualify for the £6,000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant because the government deems anyone with low-carbon heating systems ineligible, according to Myles Robinson (pictured) from Boiler Central.

He explains that the immense costs can multiply if some parts of the existing heating system are incompatible with the heat pump system, such as radiators, emitters or any pipework.

“Compared to a £2,000 hydrogen-ready boiler and even £7,000 for an air source heat pump, this is clearly out of most people’s reach,” says Robinson, who adds that not every property is suitable for heat pump installation.

“It’s also not worth bothering to get planning permission for an air source heat pump that will last you less than a boiler, which you would need anyway for when it’s cold outside and the pump struggles to extract heat.

The BUS scheme launched in April, when other experts voiced fears that landlords would need longer-term funding to help them meet energy efficiency targets through a national retrofit campaign.

Through the scheme, they can get £6,000 off the cost and installation of a ground source heat pump, £5,000 for an air source heat pump, and £5,000 for a biomass boiler.

Ground work

But Robinson says there are some positives to installing a ground pump as they increase the value of a property, are extremely energy efficient and could reduce the council tax bill.

They also need little-to-no electricity to run, are far less dependent on the weather and can double as a cooling system. These pumps can last up to 25 years, compared to weather-battered air source heat pumps that only last a decade or a gas boiler’s 15-year lifespan. Unlike air-source heat pumps, they don’t generally need planning permission.


  1. Ground source heat pumps are only suitable for rich people in detached houses with large gardens. Even air source heat pumps are unsuitable for much of our ageing housing stock. And given the current energy crisis it is hard to see anyone moving away from gas, which this country can produce cheaply from the North Sea, to electricity fuelled from oil exported by Russia or coal from China. And why should we?

  2. The very supposed reason for all these measures is based on a fundamental falsehood.

    That of man made climate change.

    A ridiculous and idiotic concept.

    It simply DOESN’T exist.

    Climate change has always occurred and ALWAYS will whether is man around or not.

    Climate change CANNOT be prevented.
    Rather accepting of such needs to occur

    That may require major relocation of populations and cities.

    These should be the responses.

    Insulation is ONLY appropriate from the perspective of energy costs NOT carbon saving.

    There should be no attempts or strategies to reduce carbon.

    Rather plant trees etc which love carbon……..they love on it.

    The by-product of their living is OXYGEN!!

    WITHOUT sufficient quantities of carbon you have no plants!!

  3. They’re having a laugh! £35k for a heat pump! And it’ll add value to a property? Really? I have a property with a big garden. It’s worth £115k. There is absolutely no chance a heat pump would increase the value of the house to cover the expense of having it put in. Some people need to get a grip on reality and what’s really going on in the PRS.

  4. Man made climate change is not a falsehood, but it’s folly to think that the actions proposed by government are going to make a significantly positive difference. In fact, there is a very strong case that many of the attempts to reverse the changes will do more harm than good. If man wants to improve the planet, destroying places like Ukraine and Yemen aren’t a great plan! No amount of heat pumps or electric cars will scratch the surface. Retrofitting heating systems seems to me like a mind-numbingly stupid idea, for example. The carbon cost of doing the retrofitting might well wipe out any potential gains, and they don’t heat the houses properly, by all accounts. Some common sense would come in handy here, rather than pandering to tree hugging terrorists.

    • Man made climate change IS a falsehood!

      Energy saving and consequent cost reduction should be the emphasis.

      Heat pumps don’t save energy.

      Production of carbon is vital for life on earth.

      That is why fossil fuels MUST be used.

      Ever heard of the carbon cycle!?

      More greenery should be planted.

      In short the planet needs lots of plants to soak up carbon to produce oxygen.

      But there is NO man made climate change and therefore everything being promoted based on this falsehood is wrong.

      The biggest problem in the world is OVERPOPULATION.

      Ideally the world population needs to reduce by about 4 billion.

      The 4 billion have increased due to available food supply from Russia and the Ukraine.

      The issues now prove that these populations should NOT exist.
      They have only bred based on the food supply.

      Just like the mice population rises and falls in Australia to match food supplies so should excessive populations.

      Unfortunately once you have increased populations they don’t reduce when food supplies reduce

      There are simply too many people for the available resources.

      They are stripping the world of it’s plants.

      Then desertification occurs.

      • It has been said that it’s pointless trying to tell ignorant people that they’re wrong, because it just makes them double down on their own ignorant positions rather than going back and evaluating the evidence objectively.
        However, sometimes it just feels better.

  5. Paul is correct. The biggest problem in the world is over population. I am 61 years old and in my lifetime the population has doubled from around 3.5 billion to 7 billion. Of course it is politically incorrect to make such statements. But nothing will change until we accept this fact. The planet just cannot sustain this ever increasing population of consumers that the human race has become.


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