Renters’ group Acorn has promised to set up more branches in England and Wales this year to tackle social inequality and challenge errant landlords.

It currently has 25 branches and groups and has plans to expand, a spokesman tells LandlordZONE: “We are certainly hoping to have more up and running soon and throughout the year, definitely – however we wouldn’t be able to give specifics as it is up to our members to get together collectively and set up groups.”

Founded in Bristol in 2014, Acorn’s newest branch – in north London’s Haringey – has scored a win against a landlord after setting up last week.

Its first direct action, which targeted a landlord who had neglected to clear toxic mould in a tenant’s flat, involved picketers who gathered outside Homelink Edmonton to present demands on behalf of the Acorn member.

Letter of demand

Although Homelink doesn’t manage the property itself, the Acorn spokesman says: “We wrote a letter of demands to the estate agent – after they had ignored our prior attempts to make contact to resolve the situation without direct action – and, after some negotiation with the manager, they agreed.”

Homelink confirmed that after speaking with the landlord, a damp specialist had been appointed who would install a professional ventilation system to solve the condensation issue, while the landlord would also organise cleaners and decorators if needed.

The union has vowed to keep up pressure on the landlord to ensure that all repairs are carried out swiftly and the spokesman adds: “It’s a spectacular start and a delicious taste of what’s to come in our community.”

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  1. Yes so lets go to all tenants homes who are not paying and put banners on the window stating this tenant is a leach and not paid there rent.

  2. “Homelink confirmed that after speaking with the landlord, a damp specialist had been appointed who would install a professional ventilation system to solve the condensation issue, while the landlord would also organise cleaners and decorators if needed.” . . . and possibly organising a rent increase and, if it was the fault of the tenants’ lifestyle, a S21 too.

  3. since covid started my tenants stopped paying rent and I am paying two mortgage making my life so difficult and funny I have no choice and these politicians can decide and have no idea how I am straggling and many people like me struggling, I can’t evict them, can’t do anything
    And Tenants Threatening me openly and laughing because they know I have no other choice, I work 7 days 12 hours every day to pay two mortgage
    what about many Landlord like me who are in same situation

  4. I recall a tenant whose unofficial lodger (who was passing herself off as his granddaughter) complained to the local council about mould and damp in the one-bedroom flat (converted from a Victorian house) in which she was also, against the tenant’s tenancy agreement, keeping a dog, a snake, a boyfriend and a baby. Therefore we were ordered peremptorily by the council to remedy matters. The windows were never open, and the heating had been switched off. There was a pile of dirty clothes about 4 feet high piled against the ‘mouldy’ wall, along with the empty box from a vast flatscreen television. We explained to the council that this was ‘tenant – originated’ damp and mould. When the tenant died, his lodger having finally left, we found some very interesting letters and notes, several of which made it clear that her intention in creating a damp and mouldy environment and then complaining about it was a deliberate attempt to get them rehoused via the council. Since the removal of these unpleasant people and their even more unpleasant belongings (soiled underwear, drug paraphernalia etc. etc.) there is no mould, no damp. What do Acorn suggest we do about deliberately malicious tenants and the people we cannot even evict because they do not officially live there?!

    • There isn’t much that you can do.

      The tenant holds all the cards.

      Tenants use LL as a Trojan horse to obtain Council housing

      Tenants should use all the property facilities to keep all the amenities of a property fully functional.

      That means ensuring the air in a property is renewed every day.
      It means using the heating.
      It means not drying clothes on radiators without the room windows being opened.

      If the tenants carries out these simple measures then there will be no mould.

      If mould does occur even with all these things being carried out then generally that would indicate possible construction issues.

      Rarely is this the case.

      Most LL would not want their property deteriorating and would wish to ensure repairs or issues are resolved.

  5. Does Acorn or another company that you may know of offer mediation? It is not a dispute as such and the tenant has the rent paid for her by the state directly to me so payment is not an issue. She has intermittently complained about noise in the small block she is in. Recently the tenant has complained regularly. I have tried to resolve this but not to her satisfaction and I would like to seek mediation as I worry that communication will break down altogether and I do not want that to happen. Thank you

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