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Paul Bradshaw has given his tenants a five-month rent holiday and told his friends on Twitter about it but now it’s gone viral, he tells LandlordZONE.

Landlord Paul Bradshaw – husband of Olympic pole-vaulter Holly Bradshaw – has inspired landlords around the world by giving his tenant a five-month rent holiday.

The Loughborough-based landlord, a national trainer at UK Anti-Doping, told his Twitter followers and friends: “Yesterday I knocked on my tenant’s door and told him he could stay in the property rent free for five months.

He is self-employed with four kids. I don’t need Boris to tell me what is morally correct. Landlords, if you can do more, do something. Hashtag COVID19. Hashtag BeNice.”


Bradshaw said he’d made the decision jointly with wife Holly and tweeted the news on Sunday. The tweet has now received more than 700,000 likes and been retweeted more than 128,000 times. His move has inspired hundreds of positive messages as well as some from other landlords saying they planned to do the same.

He tells LandlordZONE: “I’ve had people from all over the world messaging, saying they have done a variety of things. From just making the effort to make contact with their tenants, to also offering payment holidays.”

Bradshaw adds that landlords should do what they can and forget about profits. “Right now, it’s about as many individuals, businesses and families making it through this as close to break-even as possible!”

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Well thats all well and good as looks like Paul Bradshaw has a good well paid job and can manage without the rent, for some of us landlords its our only income and being the gloating hero, Paul Bradshaw, this is not helpful and i for 1 will have not choice but to be in the dole queue claiming universal credit

    • I completely agree. I’m also not in a position to do this financially. What I don’t understand is publishing that you did this if not just for the glory. I’m
      Sorry but you’re making it worse for small landlords that can’t do a grand gesture

    • Totally agree with you. It’s an outrage!! Now all tenants will be expecting the same!! I’ve just completely lost my self emily income and will be TOTALLY reliant on my rental income!!

  2. I have acted similarly. My tenant was to move out by the end of June as agreed when she took up tenancy in 2014. As part of my pre-retirement plans I was to sell the house to fund my own move asap next year. However, I gave my tenant a 4 month rent holiday instead at the beginning of March when it was clear the coronavirus was going to hit hard, and written assurance that she was secure in the house until at least the end of September, with a review to extend arrangements in June based on what the virus situation is at that time. She lost her job last year, her father is seriously ill, and is a single mum with 3 young children. She keeps the house immaculate and is an excellent tenant. I felt it was the right, moral, thing to do in the difficult times.

  3. paul is clearly selfish and has no understanding of those landlords who receive rent as an income, their only income, to support their family. Nice one! he needs popularity ratings that badly?

  4. I am supporting my tenants as best I can but I have no private pensions and a greatly reduced government pension so I rely on my rental income.
    What assistance is there to landlords that are losing their income as I am not employed by a company and I am not self employed.
    I am taxed on my rental income as unearned income!

  5. It’s a difficult situation, some landlords can afford to offer rent free months but others will be relying on the income. No two situations are the same.

  6. Idiot! Does he not understand that he is setting expectations with tenants of landlords who physically CANNOT do this because it is their main stream of income after putting their life savings in buying the properties and just having had 2 evictions and trashed properties by benefits tenants?!? Please think twice before posting a hero one-liner as you will push many landlords in bankruptcy with telling the tenants this is even possible!!!

  7. Agree with Julie Dry, it smacks of utter narcissism to me! its very easy to take the moral high ground from a position of strength but I have a tenant that owes me £7000 plus hence in arrears with the mortgage so where the F&KC does that leave me? Paul Bradshaw your a twat.

  8. I agree with all the above comments. He obviously has a good income and can well afford it just to bathe in the glory of publishing the fact. It sounds like he only has one property too.
    I wonder if he has any expenses to pay each month like the mortgage and service charges etc. Is he also paying their council tax?
    In the 12 years we have been in the business, we have lost a small fortune due to bad building practises and void periods due to the damage caused. We still have to pay all the outgoings even with zero rent coming in and insurance refusing to pay out on genuine claims etc. The man is a bloody fool looking for publicity!

  9. What an arrogant conceited popularity seeking scum bag P. Bradscoring points is. What about landlords being treated fairly for once; this and the gov policy is open doors for all none paying tenants! To get a free ride as long as possible and sod the Landlords who are treated like scum from all ensundry.
    Especially the Government who tax us more than any other business. My landlord income is my pension otherwise I get just £300 per month, with a mortgage to pay! So its Bankrupt for me if they keep this up. Thanks Paul B. for making them all want free rent for months ahead. You are a popularity seeking xxxx head.
    Landlords should get together and take action, legal if possible, to get fairness for our business because business is what it is.
    We have to pay all our bills and Court actions are not cheap and every landlord looses money on any eviction so we do not want to evict!
    Tenants should get help to pay there rents and sportpeople should get nothing because its not a job they do; its a pleaseure!!

  10. For those who use the rental as an income or to increase your property portfolio, if you find being a landlord tiresome, why don’t you sell the property and let someone else live in it?
    You don’t have to be a landlord. It’s the choice you make to let someone buy a property for you and/or provide you with an income.

  11. Utter disgrace, they have acted for the publicity and do not give a d@mn about say accidental Landlord’s, I agree with most sentiments, ourselves have helped out tenants by a reduced rent, but we are taking the hit, no savings, 1 of us working, and smug @rses like him digging a bigger hole abdominal only helping the landlord bashing, I cannot wait to be able to get out of this. Even as an part inheritance, I did not expect most of the stress that it brings. Stay strong!

  12. Can only agree with the above. My tenant told me he couldn’t pay his rent ( due the day after lock down announced) as he now had no work. Nothing I can do. My only income apart from small widow’s pension.
    Perhaps Mr Bradshaw would like to now try living on my pension income of less than £500 a month for the next few months and he’ll see just why I can’t afford to tell my tenant that’s ok, you have a rent holiday.

  13. I think the reality is whether You give your Tennant a rent break/holiday or not, the rent is not going to get paid either way, if you can’t work you can’t pay rent ! its that simple, the rent holiday takes the pressure of an individual/family who will be under immense pressure to find a way to survive in these unprecedented times, we don’t all have the opportunity to own an asset however sell or large that in the future will again subsidise a merger pension, or small income, your tenants don’t have that luxury. I think Mr Bradshaw showed understanding towards his tenants situation. we all have to make sacrifices regardless of bank balance and circumstance. that one act of kindness could keep a family off the streets, never mind go the breadline.

    • Any one can be a Landlord if they are prepared to work hard enough and often scrimp and save and make massive sacrifices. Please ask yourself how many of Generation Rent would be willing to do this.


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