The proportion of landlords not prepared to do face-to-face viewings with tenants has increased from 43% at the start of the second lockdown to 63.1% now, our latest poll of over 1,800 landlords has revealed.

This means that fewer than 37% of landlords are now happy to meet tenants face-to-face and confirms that worries over the rapid spread of the new-variant Covid strain is beginning to change attitudes within the private rental market.

During the first poll some of those voting registered their continuing scepticism about the dangers of Covid, with one respondent asking why other landlords were afraid of a ‘cold and a bit of flu’.

The significant shift in mood among landlords about safety during viewings has taken place during relative short period – it is only 12 weeks since the start of the second lockdown in early November.

Despite media headlines about individual cases of rule flouting, government information gatherers at the Office for National Statistics says compliance remains high.

High compliance

Some 90% of those it canvassed said they always or often handwashing after returning home, 96% use face covering, and 93% avoided physical contact when outside their home.

“This week, more people are telling us that they are staying at home compared with previous weeks, and fewer of us are meeting up with family and friends outside home,” says Tim Vizard, Principal Research Officer at the ONS (pictured).

Accompanied viewings are still allowed under the current lockdown regulations but landlords and potential tenants must observe social distancing, wear face masks and initial viewings should be done virtually, with only those serious about renting a property being shown around in person by a landlord or letting agent.

Read how landlords can protect themselves from Covid.


  1. How can you do viewings if it’s not face to face? A video viewing is all very well but can’t give a true representation of a property. Keep your distance, wear a mask, don’t let tenants touch anything, and keep the windows and back door open. Disinfect everything when you leave.


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