LandlordZONE has joined a ‘social council’ set up by the Property Investors Bureau (PIB) as part of its efforts to monitor and manage complaints about property educations and academies.

The initiative is part of PIB’s ongoing efforts to usher in self-regulation within the property education sector to address some of the ‘major issues facing the sector and the increasing number of ‘tragic events that have occurred within this industry’.

As we reported this week, PIB’s Property Educators Accreditation Scheme (PEAS) recently revealed its first members to complete the certification process, with a further 11 in the pipeline.

These are John Howard, Mark Lloyd of Property Master Academy, Ranjan Bhattacharya of Succeed in Property and property consultant David Temple.

Social council

LandlordZONE, as part of the overall initiative, will be joined on the Social Council by Property 118, Property Tribes and the Property Forum.

As well as promoting the aims of PEAS, all of these websites will update their readers on new members as well as those who are expelled from the scheme, and LandlordZONE will monitor comments on our stories and within our Forum for any complaints about PEAS members.

We are keen to back the PEAS initiative and PIB’s Social Council because property investors and private landlords starting out on their journey want greater guidance as to who the good guys are within the property education sector in order that they can make an informed choice – and these initiatives help achieve that.

“If a consumer attempts to complain about a member of PEAS on a Social Council member’s platform, the member will suspend the complaint for 30 days (from the date that the complainant supplies evidence to the PIB) in the first instant and advise the consumer to first contact the PIB to attempt to resolve the issue,” says PEAS founder Cyril Thomas (pictured).


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