Mansfield District Council is one of the first councils to drive improvements at private rental properties that don’t meet minimum energy efficiency standards after winning a £90,000 government grant.

It is one of 59 local authorities in England and Wales who have shared £4.3m in funding from the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy to help them enforce the law.

The cash has allowed Mansfield to hire two enforcement officers, along with administration support, to target landlords with failing properties in a project that runs until the end of March 2022. It is to target 166 properties.

EPC rules

Since April last year, privately rented homes must meet a minimum energy performance rating of EPC band E, making it illegal to rent out homes below that unless landlords have a limited exemption.

The project will give landlords advice on loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing, but lack of action could result in a fine of up to £5,000 per property and per breach.

marion bradshaw mansfield Epc

Councillor Marion Bradshaw, portfolio holder for safer communities, housing and wellbeing, says although it has identified 166 homes, it suspects the actual number is much higher.

“We prefer to work with landlords to improve standards rather than wave a big stick at them. However, enforcement action is an option if landlords choose not to engage with the project,” says Bradshaw.

Midlands Energy Hub, a BEIS-funded agency that works with local authorities to help deliver the government’s Net Zero Strategy, is supporting Mansfield Council’s project. 

Michael Gallagher, head of the hub, says: “Through improving the quality of housing stock, the whole project looks to target over 95,000 of the worst-performing private rented homes with the ultimate aim of tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions produced by the domestic housing sector.”

Nottingham, Kings Lynn & West Norfolk and Exeter councils are among those to have also received funding.


  1. I agree with Gtim. We are a private sub-let landlord and refurbished (at substantial cost) our top floor council leasehold flat to achieve band D. We are really worried about the Band C requirements coming soon. We can achieve Band C if the council’s communal loft is upgraded to the recommended insulation thickness but we don’t have the power to do that ourselves. It’s proving impossible to find out what the council’s plans are regarding this. As Leaseholders we would still have to pay our portion of that work but we are not able to get any grants to cover it. It’s all very well funding council’s to chase private landlords but what are they doing for landlords trying diligently to achieve the regulations within council owned blocks? All stick but no carrot!

  2. Keep it up reducing supply of rental properties drives up rents. Standards improve so do rents. It would have probably achieved more in free insulation for landlords than employing more council employees to further drive out landlord. Just waiting for abolition of s21 to further push up rents as landlords leave. Hope the conservatives can borrow enough to build a shed load of social housing.

  3. If a tenancy changes after 2025….that means changing one tenant out of two means EPC C status required.

    I can see lots of tenancies not being changed because of EPC C requirements.

    Remaining tenants won’t want a new tenancy as it would mean they would have to vacate if the property isn’t EPC C status.

    There are currently reckoned to be about 690000 letting properties that don’t currently comply with EPC C stats.

    That means about 2 million homeless tenants and many bankrupted LL.

    Any tenant given NTQ because of a new tenancy will have to be evicted.

    They will stop paying rent.

    Many LL will be bankrupted unless they can afford to pay the BTL mortgage.

    Any LL with any sense would sell up these dud properties.

    I’ve been saying this for over 4 years now.

    I do wonder if the LL with these dud properties have a clue what is going to happen to them in 2025.

    Many clueless LL I suspect.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to make your bog standard terrace EPC C status unless expenditure of about £20000 is incurred.

    Payback on that would be about 15 years.

    Simply not worth the hassle.
    .Far better to sell to a mug FTB or a mug LL

  4. I think someone should look into council efficiency never mind EPC energy efficiency….

    £90,000 to employ a couple of jobsworths with a clipboard…. No wonder council tax is through the roof…

    Tesco will get 4 staff for that money !!!


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