The NRLA has launched a pilot redress scheme for landlords and tenant ahead of the government’s recent announcement that it intends to make membership mandatory for landlords.

The pilot is being run in partnership with the Property Redress Scheme (PRS) and The Dispute Service (TDS). Running for 12 months, the scheme will help landlords and tenants resolve disputes.

Tenants will be able to raise complaints to the independent redress scheme, after which a case assessor will work to encourage early resolution of disputes or arrive at decisions to provide fair resolution to a wide range of tenancy issues.

Members of the NRLA now can opt-in to participate and are being encouraged to do so by its Chief Executive Ben Beadle.

Effective system

“For some time, we have stressed how important it is that an effective system of redress be established to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants,” he says.

“This pilot will give NRLA members the chance to demonstrate their commitment to excellent customer service and play a pivotal part in the development of a future, mandatory redress scheme in which both landlords and tenants can have confidence.

Tim Frome (pictured), Director of HF Resolution Ltd trading as the Property Redress Scheme: “We have run a successful government authorised redress scheme for property agents since 2014 and our dedicated tenancy mediation service helps resolve mainly end of tenancy disputes during these difficult times.

“We are, therefore, delighted to work with Ben and his team to provide redress directly to NRLA landlord members and their tenants.

“We worked closely with the NRLA to design the pilot and to ensure it is right for both landlords and tenants.

“Landlords using us for the pilot will benefit from our experienced and qualified team, who know the sector inside out.  What we will learn from working with NRLA landlords and the experience gained during the pilot will be vital in guiding the government when they make landlord redress mandatory.”

redress harriott

Steve Harriott (pictured), Chief Executive of The Dispute Service adds: “We have been working with the NRLA on a mediation service for some time and the Tenancy Redress Service marks a major step forward in offering redress to tenants of participating NRLA landlords”.


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