A Bill aimed at banishing the no-pet clause for rented homes has had its first reading in the Commons with cross-party support.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill aims to give tenants the right to live with their pet – provided they can prove they are responsible and caring.

He says the Government’s aim of removing no-pet clauses from its model tenancy agreement is a step in the right direction, but that it doesn’t go far enough.

“For most people, being separated from their dog is no different from being separated from their brother or sister,” says Rosindell.

“Sadly, pet owners who move into rented accommodation face the reality that their family could be torn apart, because most landlords in Britain have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership.”

The Romford MP aims to ensure that landlords’ concerns are met by making pet owners pass the test of responsible ownership; they’ll have to get a certificate from a vet before moving in, confirming that they have a healthy, well-behaved animal and are considered to be a responsible owner.

For dogs, a checklist would include being vaccinated and microchipped and being responsive to basic training commands.

Rosindell (pictured, left) points to France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland which have all outlawed blanket restrictions on pets in rented accommodation.

He adds: “The no-pet clause means that someone cannot have a dog over for even a short period for fear of recriminations or even losing their home. Such discrimination must now end.”

The Bill – known as Jasmine’s law after a Weimaraner owned by the Adams family in Surrey which can’t live in a rented house – is backed by 11 other cross-party MPs including Andrea Leadsom and Tim Farron, and gets its second reading on 29th January.

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  1. Unfortunately, the few have poisoned the well for the many! I have allowed pets in the past and have had brand new patio doors scratched by a dog; carpets pulled up by cats; kitchen units chewed, laminate ruined by pee & poo left all around the garden (actually the last 3 were from a pet that was not allowed!). The the additional pet deposit was made illegal yet the damage that can be inflicted by a pet is considerable.

    Once again the assumption here is that all tenants are responsible pet owners (not true) and all landlords are pet hating, miserable beings (also not true).

    What about all the tenants who are allergic to pets? Who is fighting their corner? Can you imagine moving into a property with carpets full of hair & dander because the out going tenant could not be forced to have them cleaned properly?

    By all means legislate – but please legislate fairly. If tenants want pets, they must be prepared for the extra costs incurred at the end of tenancy and landlords must be able to charge appropriately.

    • What about people who have pet allergies. Im highly allergic to pets an dogs. As a landlord im unable to clear out a property or do maintenance work on properties if they have pets. Its not just about the landlord, lots of tenants want to rent pet free properties because of the same reason.

  2. So will this Bill include housing associations and council properties also? why not allow me to take my dog to work and the supermarket too. Can’t wait to see a tower block full of German shepherds with nowhere to exercise. Discrimination is one thing I am all for equality however sensibility and no choice should not be dictated down to all.

  3. Honestly is there anything landlords can do?
    At the end of the day it isn’t the tenants property, the majority (3 out of 4 tenants for me) trash the place and don’t have any respect then dispute any damage or cleaning when they leave.
    If someone has an animal and it wrecks the furniture or worse the tenant can get out of it. There is such an extreme on protecting tenants that landlords get screwed over.
    Not everyone can live with pets, meaning tenants with allergies to animals won’t be able to move in, getting pet hairs out of furniture is impossible plus the smell they can leave. There are services that let people have pets without actually having pets, you can walk a dog, visit a shelter. Your quality of life does not depend on a pet. Since when do tenants just get what they want.

    • I don’t know how old you are. But I remember the housing estates of the 1970s were full of roaming dogs.
      If you’d have suggested to some kids back then, that instead of having a dog, they should visit their local dog pound, what do you think they would have said?

    • Betty
      You’ve obviously always been privileged enough not to have to rent. You’ve had negative experiences but most tenants are not like this. It has become the case that tenants are mere commodities for many landlords who have a good income on the back of other people’s poverty. They want maximum profit for least outlay … I have no sympathy.

  4. I’m wondering what next? Let’s stop all this pet discrimination! Maybe the government should also compel landlords to allow tenants to keep poisonous snakes, rats, herds of wildebeest or even tigers (as long as they clean up after them of course)? I’m sure there must be some tenants who just couldn’t imagine being parted from their pet tiger.

  5. Totally agree with Tricia, we have pet dogs and allow some properties that are suitable for pets, others are not, the tenant will know at the start of a tenancy if animals are allowed. What about if the lease states no animals? Is the landlord having to break the clause in the lease? There will be problems ahead.

    • 40 years ago, the majority of children grew up in a house where the right of a family to have a pet dog would have been taken for granted. Because most people were either council tenants or owner occupiers.

      The private rental sector started out providing homes for young single people. It has since grown to become the only option for many poorer families. I don’t believe this is a sustainable situation in the longer term. Poor conditions can persist for marginalized groups, but once something starts affecting the majority of voters, the politicians will usually react.

  6. Council houses always used to allow dogs and cats.
    The difference being that council houses were usually let out long term (for life usually) and also completely unfinished. That meant the tenant needed to decorate and fit their own flooring (if they could afford to).

    Interesting that this proposal is by a Conservative Party MP.
    I believe the new “Conservative” government is actually Bluekip.
    If there is a post Covid infrastructure push, maybe it will include a new wave of council (or Housing Association) houses?

  7. I agree with Trisha’s comment:

    ‘If tenants want pets, they must be prepared for the extra costs incurred at the end of tenancy and landlords must be able to charge appropriately.’

    I do have tenants with pets and wish the extra security of a higher deposit was back in place to safeguard landlords for pet damage. Scratched wood work/walls & worse etc. I do appreciate that pets make for more stable tenants, but please help landlords to allow pets; stop landlord bashing us.

    Also for short term lets, such as yearly students you don’t want to have to allow pets. I did have a student year group who wanted to have a kitten and also a corn snake. This particular year group proved they were so very pathetically and woefully unable to look after themselves, let alone another creature. Talk of vet bills, installing a cat flap and fumigating for escaped live food, such as cricket and of separate freezers for frozen mice for the snake, enabled them to become suddenly enlightened that pets in this instance were not viable. Not fair on a kitten/cat in this scenario.

    • Traditionally, “student houses” have never allowed pets.
      I think the issue here is that families have been forced out of council houses and into the private rental sector.

      The average person will remember being allowed pets as a child, but not now. They won’t care about the details of housing laws.

  8. The way I see it is it my property and I decide if I let pets reside. About time the government stopped poking their noses into my business.

    • I agree with you 100% the government should not impose their will on private business. Having pets is not hygienic and they can damage the property and furniture. Tenants never leave the property clean, and having pets will be worse.

  9. Will the MP in question like to pay the repair bills for my property after this Bill is passed. I am a responsible pet owner and also a Landlord and have in the past paid for expensive repairs and cleaning costs due to allowing pets in one of my properties which was also previously my family home. If my pet damaged another persons property then I would pay for repairs as a responsible member of society. It will be down to the Landlord yet again to foot the bill. What about Landlords mental health ? No concern for us !!!!

  10. My flats are in blocks where the lease stipulates that pets are only allowed if approved by the Landlord and need to be removed as soon as they cause a nuisance. By allowing pets, I will be responsible for it towards the Landlord or Leasehold company. If any neighbour complains, the pet has to go. That would be the case if I was a resident- owner. How do you in-force that if it is your tenant?
    The Head Leases pretty much forces you into becoming a no-pet landlord.

    • Maybe this will only apply to houses?
      I can’t remember what the rules were on pets in council flats.
      The town I grew up in only had houses.

  11. I have my life savings invested in one property. I should have a right to decide who I allow in that property and whether pets are allowed. Or maybe the government minister bringing this stupid bill should be charged by landlords for damages that are unrecoverable.

    • I’m not being funny, but if you have your life savings invested in a property then you’re part of the problem. You’re part of the reason housing is so unattainable for the young, and to be frank you should have diversified better.

      If the market crashes you are absolutely ruined and you’ll have Noone to blame but yourself, so go diversify. Pets are the least of your concern

      • If you can suggest what to diversify into then I would gladly oblige.
        Yes it has an affect on house prices but we cant all have everything when we want it.
        I was in y late twenties before I could afford a house and that was with a good job and saving all the time – not going on holiday twice per year buying the latest mobile phone package, big screen TV and laptop! Interest rates were up to 15%.

  12. On what planet do these people live, when they create such laws? I think landlords are probably going to start letting houses without carpets. It will be for the tenant to provide the flooring, and that way it will not be treated with disrespect. Not only can damage be inflicted by pets, but the deposit protection organisations won’t allow any financial consideration for any other damage to carpets which have been in the property more than a few years.

    • That’s how council houses used to be let out, without carpets.

      The MPs are told by their constituents that they want a return to council housing for families. Not always in those exact words, but that’s basically what they want. The MPs can’t really enact this, so proposals such as this are a compromise.

    • Presumably he will need to carry on what he’s been doing up until now:
      Only working in houses without cats.

      That may no longer include your house(s).
      His market is already restricted, so I doubt it will make much difference.

  13. Absolute BullDogs !!

    When will this constant harassment of Bonafide, law-abiding, taxpaying, community supporting landlords come to a stop !!

    Enough is enough.

  14. Thankfully I’m selling up s bit earlier than I would have because it is clear the government has declared war on the Landlord. But maybe the government would consider paying for damage caused and paying the Landlord then docking it out of benefits or wages….. Unlikely I know as all landlords are millionaires apparently..

    • Two of my tenants left wowing £3,500 each, not all tenants are good tenants. One of them had a cat with out permission and left the property in a mess.

  15. I am a LL allergic to pets, I get quite bad asthma if a house has ever had a pet, even IF a property is deep cleaned after a tenant which I will have to pay for I still get tight chested. I cannot take inhalers due to the medication aggravating my heart issue. I tried pets in the past, several times, and it didn’t work on a few levels. Many other future tenants and their children moving will grow up with an allergy / sick due to the chances of finding a home that hasn’t had a pet will be as rare as a hen’s tooth. If we all get sick that’s more strain on the NHS. When can LL’s have any say?. I love animals and admire them from afar, but feel that the Govt. are picking on LL’s here. Irresponsible and inflammatory Bill which hasn’t been thought through. Who will support US when we all get sick?

    • 40 years ago, lots of families living in council houses had pet dogs and cats.
      None of the issues you describe seemed a major problem back then. Certainly not that I recall anyway.

      People will always say, “they can’t do this” or “they can’t do that”.
      Yet, they did and life carried on…

      • Forty years ago I had never heard of hayfever, let alone endless allergies. Forty years ago people cooked meals from separate ingredients. Forty years ago our global population was almost half what it is now. Start thinking about responsibilities because until you all do, to hell with rights!

  16. Bad experience
    I have just had to replace laminate flooring in the Front room and dining area also two bedrooms with new carpet/underlay due to tenants keeping what they said where 3 house cats these poor animals never seen the light of day. The tenants delayed A house inspection back in February and due to the coronavirus In March I was unable to Gain entry and check the property until a month ago after serving notice to vacate due to other reasons.The property stunk so badly on entry I found cat excrement all over the property in kitchen/front room the cats had even used wardrobes as a toilet the whole place was disgusting mess.
    I think that if pets are part of the tenancy agreement there should be some Real responsibility from the tenants regarding extra cost towards damages and rent.( if your lucky enough to get anything)
    I understand that there are others that have total respect for there house and animal wellbeing but that wasn’t my experience sadly

    • I have an HMO and none of my tenants have pets. They don’t want them.
      But if they did, I’d just let them do what they want.
      It’s their home at the end of the day.

      • And you’ll be the one to clean up and pay for repairs. Can you imagine if each of the tenants in your HMO had two large dogs each and they all let the dogs poo in the garden and didn’t clean it up. What would you do? It might be their home, but it’s your responsibility to keep the communal areas clean so you’d be the one who would have to go round cleaning up dog poo, or you’d have to pay somebody else to do it.

      • Bit of a naïve comment that one Mark, it might be their home, but the majority of responsibility for the maintenance is very much down to you. Out of curiosity, how does it work if one person in the HMO gets a pet (maybe a large dog) and another person objects to it, or is allergic to it? Berlingogirl is quite right with her comments. I doubt very much you do actually own a HMO, either that or you’ve just bought one and are yet to experience the troubles that come with owning and maintaining one.

      • I agree with you Mark.Lots of landlords fuming on here about irresponsible tenants. Most families who rent are not like this.The house is actually the tenants HOME. Because you have to rent, you are not a second class citizen who shouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to responsibly own a pet.

  17. I would consider accepting pets IF the government would reinstate the additional pet deposit to cover damages and/or professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning and fumigating. That said, some landlords have severe allergies to pets which is why they are unable to have pets in their properties, and this bill ought to prioritise the health needs of those landlords over a tenant’s wish for a pet! It is reaching the stage where landlords are losing any say in what we do with our OWN investments, so you wonder what the point is any more. Unfortunately by constantly adding more restrictions on landlords it has the knock on effect of making landlords far more choosy about their tenants for fear of the potential financial implications and the stresses of dealing with it when things go wrong. Perhaps the government should consider the fact that if they keep on bashing landlords many have, and will continue to just sell up to avoid the hassle, leaving a lot less properties available to tenants, so either rents or the levels of homelessness for the government to deal with will inevitably increase….

      • I have seen a big increase in landlords selling HMO in my Area and haven’t seen the properties being taken over by investors possibly due to local university and mortgage interest Allowance disappearing
        Good luck

      • Don’t be an idiot!
        Those homes won’t be in the PRS.
        They won’t be bought by FTB or former tenants.
        Upsizers and downsizers buy these properties.

        So a total loss to the PRS.

        • I presume you are talking about homes that are too large for the average FTB to buy?
          If so, you should consider that an owner occupier, who “upsizes” vacates a smaller home, that would be more suitable for a FTB.

    • And that is exactly the point coopz, their are still vast numbers of people out there who cannot afford to buy ,or don’t wish to own a property for other reasons, who are going to find it increasingly hard to find rental accommodation as more and more landlords decide to sell. Mark Jones says that there will be the same number of homes out there, but that doesn’t help tenants one little bit if the only available ones are for sale at prices that people who rely on being able to rent, simply cannot afford.

      • But there will be fewer tenants, as some tenants will have bought the houses the landlords sold.
        I think that was the point Mark Jones was making.

  18. I’m currently in the process of repairing and repainting damaged doors caused by a pet dog. The tenant in all fairness did ask me and I agreed, it’s a first floor flat and the poor dog went stir crazy. It was adopted by the tenants mum who has a garden. Rosindell is my MP.

  19. If tenants want the right to live with a pet they have the right to go elsewhere. when are they going to campaign for landlords to have the right to a decent, tidy, rent paying on time tenant, who doesn’t leave their property in a mess needing thousands of pounds spending on it!

  20. No I disagree There has never been any fair legislation regarding Landlords. Tenants are always right! These MP’s are totally out of touch with real life. If a property owner say in a block of flats refuses to have pets so because of all of the above! From Tricia Urquhart, (love that name Urquhart sounds so British- actually Scottish).
    I have just been cleaning up dog mess on our doorstep and mat filthy disgusting people; it’s not the animals fault.
    Yet our out of touch terrible MP’s want to impose more on us! Yet they are the very same people who could not even run a Council house and break even! so they sold them off, to get rid of the burden onto landlords. I would like to use stronger terms to describe these MP’s, disgraceful one sided does not go anywhere near far enough.
    Everyone these days hates a landlord. I hate that name; if I must be called a landlord, I demand a seat in the house.
    I am a property owner; like many other businesses that do not get this type of harassment on how to run their businesses!
    We need a Campaign to stop this harassment. And to stop the name calling, 96% of landlords are individuals who brought a property to prop up their inadequate state pensions! Yes it’s true and most are good people. Start a campaign now please Landlord zone.
    No pets must be up to the property owner. What about the animals they should have rights too. Who would choose to live in a block of flats with pet’s poo everywhere!
    Richard Croft.

  21. What is the NRLA doing about this and other fees that have been banned? Aren’t they fighting the Landlords corner to wake up MP’s to the reality of life?
    I’m just starting to re-let a renovated property of mine and I’ve been so close to deciding to sell up. There’s no support for Landlords anymore.

  22. Surprise, surprise, more landlord bashing. I did like the comment saying about why are dogs and pets banned from supermarkets, and most shops (unless guide dogs) – is that not discrimination too?

    But then if I take something from a supermarket and don’t pay for it, its stealing and carries a criminal conviction, yet I can destroy someones property, not pay rent and thats a civil matter?

    The MPs forget that for each landlord that leaves the industry, means less tax coming in to the government, which means less money to pay for essential services down the line.

    Unfortunately guys, Landlords are in the minority and MPs want votes, so they will appeal to the masses, I only see further laws and restrictions in the future, I am waiting for the one where all landlords should provide free, fully serviced accommodation, after all, they can afford it, and if they don’t we will take their house off them.

  23. I cannot wait to see how the MP proposes that a person is recognised as a fit and capable pet owner?

    So, is the vet going to live with the tenant for a period of time to see that they treat it correctly?

    What if the guy appears fine with the pet at the vets, but locks the dog in his kitchen all night, leading to a dog barking persistently and causing issues to other tenants?

    Then what if you believe the person is not behaving capably with the pet? Oh thats right, it will be for the landlord to PAY to take the tenant to court, (and hope to God he does not get a left wing anti landlord judge), to prove on the balance of probability that the tenant is irresponsible. A very expensive thing to do, with a 50/50 outcome at best.

    Has the MP actually thought about this through? I am guessing not. Why not leave things as they are, if a tenant wants a pet, get a pet friendly landlord, there are plenty of them about, they may reflect a higher rent but then anyone who keeps a dog will know they are not cheap.

  24. Final thought on this matter, I am guessing the MP does not live in a block of flats, and never been subject to dogs barking continuously?

    Its lovely of him to not spare a thought for the poor buggers that live in the block, who have to put up with the dog poo, barking, and general poor behaviours exhibited by some dog owners, all of whom would easily say they are brilliant dog owners, when their not.

    I did have one tenant, who moved into one of my flats, and I subsequently found out he had six dogs (in a one bed flat), told me that they were like his kids (similar to what the MP is saying above), then abandoned the flat, leaving the six dogs there, which resulted in the RSPCA having to come and remove the dogs over a period of a week. (the smell and clean up were, as you can imagine, were horrendous).

    I am a dog owner, and lover of dogs, but their expensive and are quite a responsibility, of which not all tenants are capable. (Please don’t make me laugh with the MP talking about the vets certificate of responsilibity).

    As I said before, there are plenty of landlords out there who accept pets, so let them decide, if they have had a bad experience in the past, or it would not be fair on other tenants in the block / HMO, it should be their decision, not something forced upon them. After all, Landlords are constantly reminded they are responsible for the upkeep of the property, and ensuring that ALL tenants are entitled to a quite life.

  25. As a first time LL we allowed our first tenant to have a dog as we had a large dog when we lived there. The dog became 3 and totally demolished the inside of a hard wood conservatory costing 100’s to repair and the garden was full of dog poo with a massive chain imbedded in the lawn. The house was a disgrace and he was right put out when his deposit was used to put things right. It took me weeks to get the place smelling fresh & that was after a supposed professional clean!!

  26. What is it with this Government that they keep bashing away at Landlords! We are providing housing because they are not. I have a first floor 2 bed flat. It’s leased and pets, not even a goldfish are permitted. The communal areas are carpeted and lovely & clean and the 9 flats nice and quiet. Won’t be if dogs are allowed. I love dogs have 3 small ones myself. Just booked a dog friendly holiday cottage for which I’ve had to pay £30 per dog for ‘extra cleaning’. That’s £90 for 1 week so as a landlord if I had to except a dog the rent is going up £90 a week too. It should be up to the Landlord if they want to except pets not the Government. My property was unoccupied from April to September (lockdown then deciding sell or keep) and I nearly threw in the towel because of this 6 months notice even if Tenants pay no rent or damage YOUR property. Understand Tenants need protection from rogue landlords but most of us are NOT and the balance now is so tipped to Tenants rights and not to Landlords rights. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • Alison – you say ‘what is it with this government that they keep bashing away at landlords’.
      You are right of course. By WHY do they do it? Firstly, over a number of years now, small residential landlords have been made into the nation’s bête noir – bit like estate agents. Labour has always had a down on landlords because it’s in their DNA, but now the Tories have seen an opportunity.

      They know landlords have nowhere politically to run. Cynically, they also know most landlords tend to be older and most tenants/first-time buyers tend to be young, so it’s going to pay them to look all nice and cuddly and tenant/first-time buyer friendly and to bash landlords – it’s a free lunch for them.

      I think this will all end with mandatory regular psychological assessments for all landlords – and I’m not entirely joking!

      • I think you’re right it’s all about politics.
        The government could cut landlord regulations and increase landlord taxes.
        But instead they have chosen to strangle the sector with red tape and kill the cow, instead of milking it.

  27. Solution. Private landlords act like council/social housing landlords and do not provide flooring. Properties let with bare floor boards / concrete floors. Tenants have to provide their own. Maybe then the flooring would be looked after and respected.

    • That’s how my properties are all let. No carpets. No decorating.
      But we only let out to young guys, mostly from Eastern Europe. They sort out the furniture among themselves.
      We do the minimum maintenance to remain legal and keep the rent very low, about half the market rate. Our houses don’t make any profits. All the rental income goes on maintenance.

  28. Easy answer to all this the tenant must carry insurance with the landlord named on the policy to cover all damage by pets, failure to keep policy up to date terminates the lease

  29. Many years ago we had tenants who we said OK to one cat, we are pet owners ourselves so understand fully how they are an integral loving part of the family.

    Yet, we then learnt that one cat actually turned into 3, with them getting in the habit of doing their business in the same area/spot upstairs, so, if you think that it’s only carpets that are ruined, think again 🙁

    As several years later when tenants vacated, with us having carried out 3/4 yearly inspections, and only ever seeing evidence of one pet.

    Yep, after the tenant moved out – they quickly accept the carpet was ruined and happy to compensate, as all carpets/flooring new when they moved in, but after our investigations, as we found it somewhat suspicious how a certain carpets underlay had been changed, and was virtually new!

    This, their strange failed attempt to hide how their pets fecal and urine had been soaking thro for years, and many of the floorboards, but worst – joists were completely rotten thru, with also other surrounding flooring close by, where we’d be unable to remove the stench, so much more flooring had to be replaced then we first expected 🙁

    With further inspection only proving they tried to cover up, as the ceiling directly below had been painted several times, so the tenant(s) knew how their pets were causing major damage, and the repair bill was shocking, a small fortune.

    The worst part being how we had chased up on opinions with several local landlords, friends and forums before we accepted these particular tenants, with one landlord heeding a warning of exact same issue they had, and with it costing a couple grand to repair.

    Yet still, the same ruddy thing happened to us, even though we were armed with this knowledge, it didn’t help, even tho we did look and check for any signs of such issues, but the tenant tried to be clever and did enough with covering up.

    Sadly, there was fook all we could do, the max compensation we got was their deposit, they fought even a penny more, but as current real life was challenging, we really couldn’t face the stress of say litigation, so we let it go – with the thought of never again with pets, ho hum!!

    Sure goes to prove that certain people haven’t got a freaking clue, yet more ridiculous legislation, brought in by naive and out of touch people!

    • The MPs who support the allowing of pets are not naive or out of touch.
      They just don’t care about your personal investment.
      Why should they?
      They only care about votes.
      You only have one vote and most landlords are unlikely to vote Labour.

  30. I like animals and keep a cat myself. My both tenants have pets. The current tenant has 2 small dogs and a rabbit. They had problems in finding accommodation because of the animals. I am happy with a decision. Why people who love animals should have a problem with renting a house or flat? What are the landlords are concerning about? Animals very often are parts of people’s life and family, why to try to separate them. I do no t see a problem with this at all.

    • Have you read ANY of the comments above? Not all tenants with pets cause problems, but many do, so as ever, the few spoil it for the many.

      • But then surely by same logic, you can see that not all tenants cause problems too. The few spoil it for the many. And yet all tenants are treated like scum. The hypocrisy in the comments on this page are incredible.

  31. I have contacted the MP who proposed this bill raising my concerns and those of other |Landlords here is the response from his office. Please see below.
    I know that you are writing to me without having seen the final bill, so you are not aware of the exact measures which I intend to include in the bill to address your concerns, although I did try to cover some in my (time-limited) speech to the house.
    Once the bill is published, it will not put forward an unconditional right to keep a pet, but requires various checks to ensure that pet owners are responsible and that pets are well-trained. It also will include measures to ensure that pets are suitable for the type of accommodation.
    I am currently in the process of drafting the final bill, which I believe will address many of the issues that you have raised.
    I am in contact with the National Residential Landlords Associations, as well as other landlords to discuss their concerns and the concerns that you have raised, and will do everything I can to ensure they are addressed.
    While I understand your concerns, I do believe that we must put an end to these unconditional “no pet” clauses which have caused such pain and heartache to so many people.
    I will await this bill with baited breath.
    On a side note I have also contacted the local MP in Durham to raise concerns on behalf of Landlords. Not only this issue but also the fact that |Durham County Council are intending to introduce Selective Licensing to many areas of the county. Charging £500 per property. A scheme which has been introduced in other areas of the country which has been shown to be ineffective and actually detrimental by decreasing property values etc. Has anyone in other areas have experience of this. Your comments would be most welcome.

    • Quote: “Once the bill is published, it will not put forward an unconditional right to keep a pet, but requires various checks to ensure that pet owners are responsible and that pets are well-trained. It also will include measures to ensure that pets are suitable for the type of accommodation.”
      That’s absolutely brilliant. This means that Landlords will insist on a ‘Responsible Pet Owner Certificate’ before accepting a tenant who owns a pet. I can see that this stupid legislation is going to backfire on tenants big time.
      BTW. So Rosindell has pointed out that France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland have all outlawed blanket restrictions on pets in rented accommodation? Now I know why we are leaving the EU!

  32. The problem is often people who already have pets, prior to being moved in private rented accommodation.
    In general, I think too many people in the UK have dogs anyway. I think a compulsory dog license should be brought in, just as driving licenses are. There should be a test, like a driving test. If the dog is neglected or abused, the person loses their license.
    Too many puppy farms, with people paying ridiculous amounts of money for the latest “designer” fad puppy. Then abandoned due to boredom, relationship breakdown, change of lifestyle, etc.
    Less people with dogs to start with, would mean less people needing to bring their dogs into private rented housing.

  33. Probably because after the council has labelled an area as having anti- social behaviour or deprived nobody wants to buy in that area. Also if you look on the map on Durham County Councils website areas which are lovely like Dalton le Dale a have been labelled as deprived utter rubbish, and this has been repeated throughout the county Is detrimental because the Idea is to target Rogue Landlords and improve housing, stop anti social behaviour. Rogue Landlords wont join the scheme and Good Landlords will end up paying for them yet again. Please see Durjham PLUSS website it will give you info

    • Does the council classify these areas as deprived, or are you saying that people will assume any area with landlord licensing requirements is deprived?
      I live in Wales, so every landlord needs a license here.

  34. A Tenant of mine wants a dog to keep her company. She goes out to work at 6:00 a.m. each morning and returns after 4:00 p.m. The dog would therefore be in the house for 10 hours without being able to go outside. Is this fair on the animal ?

    • You seem very interested in how your tenant lives their lives. As a fully grown adult, i would assume the tenant is capable of managing this themselves, despite your insistence that they need parenting.

      • As a landlord, I am very interested in how my tenants live their lives. This is why I periodically check the properties. Sadly, not all tenants (none in my experience), are able to take on the responsibility of a pet and need guidance. One tenant in particular was so bad that I had to get the council involved. I would be very concerned if a tenant left a dog in the house, unattended for ten hours a day. Can a dog last that long without needing a wee or a poo? Not in my experience. Can you imagine the stress and agony of a ‘good’ dog who needs the toilet and knows they must go outside, but can’t wait and toilets in the house?

  35. Andrew Rosindell’s bill seems to focus on the “dog” being certified by a vet. Nothing will be done to certify the owner. All of my properties are 1 bed flats in central London. All of my tenants work long hours in the City. Which responsible pet lover would sentence an animal to being stuck inside a 1 bed flat, there is no private outdoor space, all day 5 days a week?
    In my 16 years’ experience of being a Landlord we have never voluntarily accepted pets. The vast majority of tenants accept this and do not have pets. However, one or two have breached their tenancy agreement.
    Where a pet has been kept in the property the damage has always been excessive. Leather sofas wrecked with claw marks, soft covered furniture badly clawed, carpets and walls fowled. The costs of repair is well in excess of 5 weeks deposit we are restricted to. Cleaning costs are considerably higher than normal and we’re are not even allowed to charge for cleaning. Yes we are allowed to expect that the property is handed back in a similar condition to that in which it was handed over. Cleaning is the biggest single reason for tenancy deposit disputes already. This will sky rocket. All disputes cost Landlords both time and money.
    In addition to the damage done to our property we usually find that we get complaints from neighbouring flats, with a flat you have lots of neighbours who pay for and share the same communal facilities. These complaints usually revolve around damage to communal parts, fouling of communal parts, indoors and out, and excessive noise at all hours. We also have complaints from those concerned about an animal being locked up all day while its owner goes out to work.
    No doubt if this bill is passed and tenants start to house their unruly pets in the many 1 bed flats rented in the various cities up and down the country, many landlords will leave the sector as a result and many in neighbouring flats will complain about the pets. I’m sure Mr Rosindell will be there to complain about ever increasing rents and anti-social behaviour. Both of which will of course be the fault of the Landlord.

    • Please, do sell up.

      Its hilarious that you landlords think having more homes on the market is a bad thing for those currently renting.

      Sell up. It’ll be the only thing renters ever thank you for.

  36. The problems associated with keeping dogs in unsuitable conditions (flats, with occupants out at work, etc) are the same, no matter who owns the property.

    It would be just as unfair on the dog, if an owner occupier kept it cooped up all day.

    For some tenants, who work outdoors and can take their dogs with them to work, a dog may be suitable. But this is likely to be a small minority of workers these days.

    I think the government should take this opportunity to have a wider look at dog ownership in this country.

  37. The government should look at keeping tenancies secure, when a property is sold. They should encourage landlords to sell to other landlords, not evict the tenants. That seems to be the root cause of the issue in many cases; a tenant has settled in one property and made it their home. Got pets etc, then is evicted for no reason.

    • Unfortunately, due to all the landlord bashing of recent years, many landlords are selling up and there doesn’t seem to be enough landlords buying to take up the slack. If a landlord is selling up then the tenant is evicted for a reason, not one that is necessarily their fault, but getting pets when the tenancy agreement doesn’t permit it, might be the last straw for a landlord. Buying a property with a tenant in situ isn’t an easy process – mostly due to legislation, which, if a landlord gets wrong, there is a hefty fine, which is why landlords prefer to buy with vacant possession.

      • What you fail to understand is that is actually a brilliant thing for the housing market. Less scroungy landlords buying up housing stock, means more homes for people who just want 1 house to live in. Its a good thing.

        What y’all don’t seem to get is that we like homes, we hate people buying all the homes and then renting out at ridiculous rates.

        So please, all of you, sell up! We won’t be shedding ant tears for you!

  38. Still ‘pet bashing’. What would you say to someone who has an elderly pet, has been issued with a no fault eviction after, let’s say, 15 years with no arrears and would like to live in one of your properties. Would you say “get rid or live on the street”? Seems to me like it’s a case of become cruel, and destroy an established bond just for profit because that person was desperate for accommodation. Or, look for someone with no pets, thinking “great, wish come true” meanwhile, not realising, the ones you turned down were turfed out, life destroyed through no fault of their own, the dog died in a shelter and the owner is sleeping in a shop doorway? And the ones you rented to ended up being drug dealers and having the front door smashed in. This is one of the many cases I’ve heard as a landlord. And this is why I ask for a check on ANY pet. Elderly pets are fine with me. I also like to arrange meetings with younger dogs to ensure behaviour is acceptable and asking about basic training. Avoiding toileting in the house is a simple process of either re-training or providing large puppy pads. With this, a dog walker can be sought. A dog who is left for many hours can be reported. A dog that likes to chew can also be crated when unattended. These are some circumstances which avoid renters being turned away, however, I get that there are unruly tenants who let their dogs run wild, this is where the references come in to play and regular visits with only 6 months agreements at a time. Any destruction by the pet results in the tenancy not being renewed and moved to a periodic until the destruction is repaired or replaced.
    Neutering cats helps prevent spraying, I ensure cats are not moving in without double the amount of litter boxes needed, 1 in the main areas, plus one sheltered outside. A quick vet note to ensure the pet is protected against fleas and ticks is pretty simple and most owners are happy to do this. The ones who are not, draws a red flag that a simple vet visit under £50 was rejected purely because the owner doesn’t want to pay it.
    I’m pretty much seeing, and reading, the lack of understanding that people with pets have extremely limited options. a huge portion of suitable homes says “no pets” Council housing is no good as they are overflowing. See it from a renters point of view with a much loved family pet or pets, do any of YOU own pets?, what would you do in that situation?
    Dire need of housing is getting out of hand, still blocking a roof for people even though the law still tips in favour of landlords! Become flexible. You CAN rent to pet owners if you use your brains! As an animal lover myself, I find it hard to believe that many landlords are also animal lovers if they are still giving potential renters next to no choices. Landlords have all the power, from choosing tenants without pets to evicting with section 21s. It seems that actual morals and respect for people are thrown out of the window purely because of wanting to use them to pay off a mortgage and throw them away when they are done. Power has gone to landlords heads, looking down their noses at renters thinking they are less advantaged because they cannot buy their own property yet and taking advantage of it. The government only care about the income they are making from homeowners, and as it seems, landlords are only caring about profit instead of seeing the bigger picture. Our society is going to crap, there are unintentional homeless people who are being discriminated against, with petty reasons which can actually be prevented.

    • Alan! Thank you for this kind and thoughtful comment! You give me a glimmer of hope. We have rented multiple properties in the past as responsible cat owners and there was never a problem or any damage caused by our pets. We spent 5 years as homeowners and due to financial circumstances need to move to a rental property for a while and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find a home. We’re happy to pay large deposit, we’re happy to pay higher rent payments, we’re happy to provide details of our pets being neutered, dewormed, flea-treated regularly, we’re happy to agree to professionally clean the carpets at the end of tenancy. We’ll do what it takes, because they are part of our family. And yet, when we suggest any of these measures we get a blank and final “NO”. We can’t go ahead and get rid of beloved family members just to please an unreasonable landlord. But at the same time, we might be rendered homeless simply because the landlords can’t get past their one bad experience. I understand some landlords/tenants have allergies and that is a reasonable reason to not let a property to pet owners, but as it stands, there’s almost a blanket ban on pet ownership from landlords and that has no place in a modern society.

      • No. At least one housing association, Midland Heart,is now applying the same rules! Tenants can have however many pets they want. It doesn’t matter if they share gardens with other tenants who may feel unsafe having somebody else’s dog in the garden especially with children!


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