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Researchers from the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York have been commissioned by Lloyds Banking Group to study and report on the experiences of landlords with buy-to-let mortgage arrears. This sheet outlines our request for help with this study and provides some information about why the research is being undertaken and what will happen should you be kind enough to participate.


Some landlords struggle with paying the mortgage on their rented property and the aim of this study is to understand what factors contribute to this situation. Mortgages are secured on one half of all privately rented properties, so understanding what factors are leading landlords to have payment difficulties is important. The findings will help lenders structure their policies and can inform the debates about the private rented sector.

As part of the project, the researchers would like to hear about the experiences of landlords who have, or have had, mortgage payment difficulties. To do this we would like to talk to 20 individual landlords. All the information collected will be treated confidentially and no individual or organisation will be identified in the report. The research will be published early in 2014.

Participating in the study

We are keen to talk to a range of people for about 45 minutes on the telephone at a time convenient to you. We have asked mortgage lenders and other residential lettings professionals in the private rented sector to identify landlords in different circumstances who may be willing to help us with the research. We do not know your personal details, only if you choose to tell us. No one, including your lender or agent, will know that you have talked to us.

While this research will not benefit landlords directly, your experiences and understanding of the drivers and management of landlord’s mortgage arrears will provide important information. The sort of things we’d like to talk about are: what were your motivations to become a landlord, your expectations of renting, your tenants’ characteristics, how you manage their tenancies, what factors led to mortgage payment difficulties, your own strategy for managing any arrears, your views in respect of the lenders’ responses to your difficulties, what remedial action you, the tenants or the lenders might have taken to prevent or resolve the situation earlier, and any other thoughts you may have that you think relevant.

You do not have to agree to participate, and if you initially agree you are free to change your mind at any point.

If you are happy to talk to us confidentially for a short time on the telephone, please contact us using the telephone or email contacts below. Alison or Julie from the research team will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to telephone you about your thoughts and experiences about paying mortgages on a rented property.

The researchers are not qualified to provide advice but would be pleased to direct people to appropriate forms of support.

What will we do with the information you give us?

The conversations will be completely confidential. We will ask you if you mind us recording our conversation as it helps us make notes afterwards and represent people’s views accurately. You do not have to agree to be recorded to participate in the study. If you do agree to be recorded then the digital file will be stored anonymously, as will any notes of the interview we make. This anonymous information will be stored securely and shared only within the research team and used only for the purposes of this research and associated publications.
A short research report will be produced early in 2014, which will be accessible online. We will provide all who contribute to the study with a short summary when the main report is published.

If you have any queries about this project

Please contact Alison Wallace or Julie Rugg at the Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) at the University of York on 01904 321480 or email on or

Further information about the Centre for Housing Policy and our work on the private rented sector and sustainable mortgages can be found here:

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Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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