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We are proud to announce our partnership with RentMoola, an American and UK based rent payment system that will soon be available exclusively in VTUK’s Scorpio solution. From now on agents will be able to reward their tenants and collect rent with RentMoola.

About RentMoola

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RentMoola offers an online global payment network that allows anyone to pay rent instantly by credit card, debit card or RM Direct Debit, wherever they are as the service is also available on smart phones and tablets. By paying rent through RentMoola you’ll earn exclusive rewards courtesy of RentMoola’s MoolaPerks program[KW1] .

That’s not all, as an agent you’ll be able to collect rent with ease, reducing your workload instantly as well as providing you with the ability to manage several tenants rent payments at once. Plus all of this is available for FREE!

You’re Rewards (MoolaPerks)

We know what you’re all thinking… How do you and your tenants claim rewards from paying their rent via RentMoola? Claiming rewards with RentMoola isn’t just easy, it’s automatic, when you join the program which is soon to be integrated with Scorpio, you’ll earn discounts; ranging from up to 50% off at Amazon, £40 off at Zip Car and a free ride with Uber Taxi’s.

They’re constantly adding new “Perks” so you can treat your tenants the way they deserve. To view the full range of MoolaPerks please click here.

How will you benefit?

We can honestly say collecting rent through RentMoola will be a rewarding experience. With no cost and a fully secure payment platform, you’ll receive payments anytime from anywhere. This includes rent, deposits, fees of intent and other charges. Payments can be taken by credit or debit cards, while a direct debit can also be set up.

The rent payment network for all will also give you real time reporting and account reconciliation, making checking payments quick and easy. It’s not just you who’ll benefit, your tenants and owners will be able to pay rent, deposit, service fees and other property charges online too. As well as this, tenants can easily track, review and amend their payments through a personalised online dashboard.

As RentMoola is soon to be integrated into our Scorpio solution, you’ll have the transparency you need to manage every letting or sales process more efficiently. Our Scorpio solution allows you to communicate with every stakeholder of your business, whether it’s tenants, landlords or suppliers. As well as transparency, you’ll have a new unique USP putting you above your competition and making you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re using our Scorpio solution already get in touch and we will be happy to pass your details over to RentMoola for a free presentation of their system.

Interested in joining VTUK? Simply use the contact form below and we’ll get back in touch:

Give us a call FREEPHONE 0800 3280460 to find out how we can assist or visit our website here.

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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