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BBC London’s Inside Out knew just who to call on when Serial Bad Tenants were the subject of their regional current affairs programme (to be aired on Wednesday 18th February 2009), Landlord Action, the market leaders and longest serving independent company specialising in fixed fee property recovery and tenant eviction in England, Wales and Scotland..

Press release, Landlord Action – 11th February 2009

Landlord Action director, Paul Shamplina, is known in the business for his no nonsense and proactive stance. He knows that 80% of tenants won’t pay back arrears and it is his job to get them out as quickly as possible, limiting any further damage to the landlords pocket and stress levels.

Paul set up a tenant eviction service in 1999 and has, to date, evicted over 12,000 bad tenants for landlords across the country, often being the successful hero where others have failed, as was emphasised when Paul was asked to assist with filming for Inside Out.

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Paul comments, “the housing market is currently in meltdown which means more and more people are taking the option to let out their property which, in turn, is creating more so called accidental landlords some of which are, unfortunately, taking too many risks when renting out their property with one of the main reasons being not enough referencing. We are now in recession, meaning more tenants are losing their jobs, thus, they can not pay the rent.”

One of the tenants highlighted in the programme was already on the Landlord Action radar and had been bought to their attention twice before by two separate landlords.

On the first occasion, five years ago, the tenant in question had already cost the client approximately £30,000 in legal fees, making numerous applications to the court, abusing the process and suspending court eviction. He also owed over 15 months of rent totalling over £20,000. Three years later an overseas landlord came to Landlord Action wanting to evict the same tenant. He owed in excess of £13,000 plus legal fees, making him an ideal case study as a serial bad tenant.

The cameras follow Paul as he accompanies the locksmith ready for the eviction, only for there to be a no show by the bailiff because the tenant has made a last minute application to the court to hold up the eviction. However, this didn’t put Paul off who later confronted the man on camera and talked him into giving back the possession of the flat, obtaining the keys and saving the landlord more stress and cost. All in a days’ work for Paul.

As well as seeing the action side of Paul, a former solicitor’s clerk turned private investigator and certified bailiff, he talks about just how many rogue tenants there are out there and gives some tips on how to minimise the risk of letting your property to one of these undesirables. He regularly gives seminars to landlords up and down the country. A blessing for landlords.

Landlord Action was set up by landlords for landlords, offering Landlords fixed fees to evict bad tenants nationwide , with a free advice line.

Landlord Action website free advice line 0800 856 7878 to landlords

Please Note: This Article is 13 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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