The extraordinary clip, which was filmed two years ago by Leeds and shows how aggressive he can get during events, was later taken down but has now re-emerged on YouTube.

A video has been posted online of self-styled property guru Samuel Leeds verbally abusing and publicly shaming a keyworker on one of his courses.

During the shocking rant, Leeds labels a teacher who yawns during one of his courses as “stupid”.

Leeds then embarks on a loud tirade, shouting at the man: “If you spent 12 hours with me, and you didn’t learn anything new and you didn’t have any questions to ask or anything that you didn’t know, why the frick are you still a teacher?

“It’s like saying, I don’t need driving lessons. Then why haven’t you got a car then? Why aren’t you driving? Why are you here? It’s because you’re stupid. You didn’t ask the frickin’ question. If you know everything there is to know about property you would be financially free in a couple of weeks.”

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At the end of the rant, Leeds shouts: “Please ask the questions that you don’t know…you haven’t got my brain which is why you’re working, so get my brain!”

The clip was filmed by Leeds and originally posted to his followers online to show he was passionate about helping people.

But after the death of Danny Butcher – who took his own life after losing money following his attendance at a Leeds Property Investors academy – Leeds had a clean-up of material that showed him in a bad light.

Someone has since re-uploaded it online and the video is now on the Property Education Truth Seeker channel.

Leeds is currently offering online courses, with a trial offer of just £1 – whereas his standard courses cost thousands.

Watch the video


  1. If someone knows the secret of how to get rich from property why would they share it?
    Ask yourself this everytime you come across any get rich quick scheme.
    You have not been charged for this! Unlike the mugs who listen to idiots like shouty man above.

  2. If you have made millions from business, why wouldn’t you share your success and help those around you? It’s not like the wealth you have will be taken away.


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