The Met Office has issued a swathe of national severe weather warnings, stretching into the weekend and beyond with up to 15 inches of snow expected in some regions.

The disruptive weather is set to continue this week across Scotland and northern England, becoming much colder and extending further south to include a combined snow and ice warning.

As winter tightens its grip across the UK, Steve Barnes, Associate Director at Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance, highlights the importance of protecting your property and tenants: “February is the peak month for claims caused by severe weather, with many landlords suffering uninsured losses.

“Our average claim for flash floods is £17,708, so it pays to be protected. Widespread flooding and heavy snow have already battered much of the UK this year, but forewarned is forearmed.

“Landlords should pay close attention to weather warnings so that they can prepare. If you take the right preventative measures and have comprehensive landlord insurance in place, then you’re doing all you can for your tenants, your property and your business.”

The quantities of rainfall predicted in parts of the UK over the next few days are expected to bring some localised flooding and damage to properties. Landlords with high risk properties should take steps to prevent flooding in their rental properties, urges Steve, including preparing tenants by supplying them with sandbags.

Strong winds

Snow depths, which with strong winds could be twice as deep as anticipated, will bring problems such as frozen pipes and snow loading. This can put added strain on the roof of your home if left unchecked, as snow builds up, leading to sagging or structural damage to the roof.

Steve suggests that landlords in areas where snow is forecast should pay particular attention to the roof and gutters, make sure pipes are insulated and stock up on sand or salt for use on paths to prevent tenants from falling and injuring themselves.

Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance has created detailed guidance to help you protect your rental property against severe winter weather, including how to protect your property against snow.

“As a landlord, there is much you can do to protect your rental property and tenants against snow and severe weather. Prevention is always preferable to cure but with severe weather on the rise, landlords with high-risk properties should increase their insurance protection as well as investing in home improvements,” advises Steve.

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