Nearly half of all private landlords are failing to protect their tenants by keeping up-to-date with gas safety checks, finds new research.

Plentific’s survey of 1,000 renters found that 46% of those living in privately rented accommodation didn’t think their gas appliances had been checked in the last 12 months, compared with 18% of social housing residents.

The property platform says 32% don’t have a smoke alarm on each storey of their home (compared with 20% of social renters), while 52% haven’t got a gas safety certificate (32% of social renters) and 56% don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm (44% of social renters). 

Its research ‘What really matters to residents? Perceptions within UK housing’, reports that despite concerns around safety, renters are generally happy with their accommodation, although 86% have requested repairs or maintenance from their current landlord.

Landlords fastest

On average, it takes about 10 days for these works to be completed, with private landlords often much faster at getting the work done; 40% of private renters have work finished within three days compared with 33% of social housing residents. 

More than a third (37%) of renters have taken it upon themselves to organise contractors to carry out repairs, including 20% who had permission from their landlord and 16% who didn’t.

cem cavas gas safe

Plentific CEO Cem Savas (pictured) believes tenants shouldn’t have to act on maintenance issues themselves.

He says: “The fact that plumbers, electricians and gas engineers are amongst the most frequently used professionals in these circumstances suggests that something is going wrong.” 

Adds Savas: “Without a level of control of the work taking place within their properties, landlords will have little idea of what to expect when they take the property back, which could be a costly mistake.”

Read more about gas safety.


  1. A survey of renters said …. just because a tenant has lost the gas cert and doesn’t know where the co2 monitor is doesn’t mean they weren’t given one.
    I don’t believe that represents the number of landlords who don’t take care of these very basic tasks. If it does we have real problems

    • “Nearly half of all private landlords are failing to protect their tenants by keeping up-to-date with gas safety checks, finds new research.”

      Note: this is according to tenants. Landlords weren’t asked to verify.

      “Plentific’s survey of 1,000 renters found that 46% of those living in privately rented accommodation didn’t think their gas appliances had been checked in the last 12 months . . . . .”

      Didn’t think? There’s a world of difference between ‘didn’t think’ and ‘didn’t actually get their gas cert’. Plentific should really have checked this with landlords. You really can’t draw a true picture of the situation based on ‘tenants didn’t think’ !

      It would have been more meaningful if the survey had then gone on to contact the landlords to check what the tenants were claiming. Perhaps somebody should conduct a survey to ask landlords how many tenants they have and how many of those tenants have up to date gas certs.

      SHOCK report? I don’t think so. This article isn’t based on anything other than unreliable evidence. This is hardly research – more like an survey to find out whether tenants know if they’ve got a gas cert or not. It doesn’t show that landlords are not doing gas checks.

      This sort of ridiculous journalism drives me mad!

      • Agreed. I don’t bother commenting on them anymore apart from this one cos I made a funny!
        Landlords getting undeserved bad press to make a headline is akin to the sun ‘newspaper’ cobblers.
        Keep calm and ignore.
        Keep taking the “rip off” rents off ” vulnerable tenants” and then as a “greedy landlord” I can “line my pockets”.
        Here’s a headline..
        Breaking news!
        98% of tenants don’t know what a GSC, EPC, EICR is or where the stop tap is, or how to unblock a sink shock horror.

  2. If they asked the tenants ” does a bloke come round once a year and poke your old boiler?”
    They would remember that.

  3. What a lot of nonsense that survey is. If it was actually true, there would be action taken by authorities and tenants would be screaming about it. Also agencies wouldn’t let properties without the necessary checks having been done.

  4. Authorities really don’t give a hoot. We have been trying to get CP12 and EICR checks carried out and our tenants will not allow access, AT ANY COST .We have tried the local council, we have tried the police, we have tried the utilities companies, we have tried Shelter, we have tried anything you can think of. We are selling and getting rid because it’s just not worth the grind anymore. We are dream landlords, but their world will soon come tumbling down. We have issued a 21 and are just waitng. Some people you just cannot reason with. Of coarse there is the legal route, but why on earth would we put ourselves through that, just to prolong the situation. They are playing the “Extremely Clinically Vulnerable” card, which we have lived and been sympathetic with since September 2020, but now we are playing the “Our landlord insurance will not renew” card, a fact.

  5. I’m actually surprised at landlord zone running this as a credible story….

    I think it should be filed as an April fool’s joke.

    Take the recent deadline for Electrical Certification. My regular electrician has been working flat out for landlords which suggest high levels of compliance. Granted it would have been wise to have got this done before the deadline.
    In my experience no sensible letting agency would allow such things as not having annual gas check & Certification.
    I think we can safely file this survey in the bin.

  6. The system has changed. At the completion of the safety check, the engineer used to leave a copy of the handwritten certificate with the tenant.
    Now the electronic certificate is linked by GPS to confirm that the test was carried out at the time, place, and readings shown on the certificate. Good that it cuts out fraud but as the certificate is issued by email to the landlord it now falls on the Landlord to issue the tenant with a copy.
    Is this why some tenants have not got a hard copy, even though the check was done correctly.

  7. 100% of landlords responding to this post think the survey is complete B.S as it’s not based on actual facts!

  8. Rubbish story “46% of those living in privately rented accommodation didn’t think their gas appliances had been checked in the last 12 months,” what kind of survey is this? Poor reporting and totally worthless.

  9. Landlord zone should not have accepted this ‘story’ with delving deeper into the facts and holding the survey publisher/organisation to account. Most tenants are not very good with paperwork at the best of times and few even bother to read tenancy agreements. So knowing what the basic safety checks are and locating their copy of the paperwork is beyond most of them. Any survey accepting “didn’t think” as a valid or useful responce is pathetic – it tells us or the wider public -nothing useful whatsoever!

  10. You gotta see who the ‘survey’ was generated by and what was their interest in doing so. plentific who I’ve never heard of generated this ‘alarming data’ to suggest landlords are struggling to coordinate repairs, gas certs etc. Lo and behold, what do plentific, the authors of this ‘report’ do – they offer a better way to mange your property blah blah blah…basically this dodgy set of findings is just a hook for them to try and sell their wares. Ummm – very suss.

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