The government in Wales has revealed more plans to intervene in the property market and help stop properties in Welsh-speaking areas being sold to outsiders for second homes or holiday lets.

This announcement is part of a renewed attempt to protect the Welsh language and often rural or coastal communities who speak it, and raise the number of people speaking the language to a million by 2050.

This includes a new Commission for Welsh-speaking Communities that will recommend policies in two years’ time.
But in the meantime, the Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, is due to reveal more details of the proposal.

It will include a voluntary ‘fair chance scheme’ to help sellers make decisions about how they sell property by allowing properties to be marketed locally only, for a fixed period.

The Welsh Government will also work with organisations such as estate agents to address the housing needs of those communities.

This scheme is part of a wider effort in Wales to stop communities being affected by the purchase of local homes by Airbnb investors and second home buyers.

Last month, the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru announced further plans for new planning laws, a licensing scheme for visitor accommodation and proposals to change land transaction tax in areas with Jeremy Miles said: “For the Welsh language to thrive, we need sustainable communities and good job opportunities in the areas where it is widely spoken.

“Through our Welsh Language Communities Housing Plan, and the Commission for Welsh-speaking Communities we’re announcing today, we and our partners will work together with communities where Welsh is the main language and help them develop plans which protect their identity and our language.”

Read more about the property market in Wales.


  1. There is little appetite for Wales to “Go Independent” and economically Wales would be bankrupt overnight if not for support from England via the public purse.

    Its just inverted racism, we all know the Welsh are anti English, same as the Scottish.

    The Welsh govt actually encourage tourism, they just don’t like the English, its perfectly fine for “Europeans” to settle in Wales though.

    Personally I’d call the Welsh and the Scots out on Independence and give it to them and close the borders and let them go bust.

  2. We risk our economy here in Wales to protect a language that at best tourists enjoy hearing. We cannot go onto to a successful future by promoting Welsh over everything else.
    Unfortunately Wales is being run by an ideology not by policy or facts!

  3. It’s much more than a Welsh Language issue. The second homes/AirBnB increase has put properties out of reach of key workers as well. The NHS in North Wales is desperate for staff, but finding housing is impossible, so people won’t apply or can’t take up the jobs on offer.

    I myself would like to move nearer to my son’s family in North Wales, but even though I have two properties in Northern England, selling both would not get me a reasonable place near them.

    • So why don’t you buy an affordable property and commute to your family.

      You have NO right to be able to afford to be bear family.

      Commuting us what has to occur

      I did it for 30 years to Central London.
      .Unfortunately I couldn’t afford expensive Mayfair.

      Get real and move to where you can afford and then commute and that goes for all the workers who can’t afford to be near work in Wales.

      Get commuting!!

  4. MI YDW I YN GYMRAEG AC YN FALCH O HYNNY. (I am Welsh and very proud of being so) The Welsh government has to grow up and face facts.
    If they want the Welsh language to survive, they must put their own house in order first. Where else in the world can you find representatives of the Country not able speak the country’s language? Imagine if you were in England or even France do you really think they would employ translators for the MP’s?
    If they want “sustainable Welsh speaking communities”, then they should rid the Sennedd of AS’ who cannot speak the language, and save thousands of pounds on translators.
    One law for landlords other laws for AS’ I used to be Chair of a Welsh Standards Committe and found that two translators had to be employed in every meeting to translate for a single member of the committee. That was only the begining, all the paperwork had to be bilingual as well! I can think of many good causes where they could use the money.


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