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Birmingham City Council has been successful in its bid for extra central government funds to tackle and bring its unscrupulous landlords to justice, Thanks to the successful bid and extra £110k will be added to its funding in a fight to clamp down on its rogue landlord problem.

The council says that although the majority of landlords in Birmingham’s growing private rented sector are law abiding and act responsibly, the City Council gets around 3,000 requests for help from private tenants every year.

These enquiries centre on tenancy conditions, harassment and illegal eviction as well as disrepair.  Most can be resolved through advice and negotiation with private landlords and agents, but around 10% – 300 or so cases every year – result in a formal investigation and intervention process which involves taking the offenders to court.

Birmingham City Council’s cabinet member for Neighbourhood Management and Homes, Cllr John Cotton, said:

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“Our private sector team already do a great job in supporting private tenants and bringing the minority of landlords that flout the law to justice.

“This new funding will enable the team to work with agencies across the city to tighten procedures, identify problems and target rogue landlords.

“As the private rented sector continues to grow it’s really important that we strengthen our work in this field and support the relationship between landlord and tenant for the good of all concerned.”

The additional funding is to be earmarked for:

  • Sating-up a data-sharing arrangement across the key agencies in order to identify problems and target rogue landlords
  • Developing some pre-checking procedures with partners to ensure that landlords are fit and proper persons
  • Working with police and Revenue & Customs to target inspections on high risk properties
  • Ramping up the target inspection programme for unlicensed Homes in Multiple Occupation

The private rented service team in Birmingham has successfully prosecuted two landlords for illegal eviction in the last couple of months:

  • Sead Alimajstorovic had illegally evicted a single mum and her young son from their house in Kings Heath leaving their property in the front garden.
  • Mirsad Solakovic had illegally evicted a family of nine from their house in Bordesley Green.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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