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Pro-tenant group Generation Rent has appointed a campaigning Labour peer as its new director who’s promising to give tenants a stronger voice.

Serving life peer Alicia Kennedy has resigned the Labour whip and will serve as a non-aligned member of the House of Lords so that she can focus on giving Generation Rent more political clout. 

A party stalwart, Baroness Kennedy was the party’s head of field operations for two general elections. She first worked as a regional organiser for Labour 25 years ago, ending up as an advisor to party leader Ed Miliband before joining the Lords in 2013.

Having previously worked on the Draft Modern Slavery Bill and on the Affordable Childcare Committee, Kennedy is a prolific poser of written questions to the House and a keen Lords debater.

She recently quizzed the Government about housing safety following the Grenfell disaster as well as asking them about the number of home owners at risk of negative equity or home repossession as a result of Covid-19.

Section 21

Generation Rent says she’ll be tasked with strengthening its team so it can focus on securing the abolition of Section 21 evictions, helping to enforce recent successes such as the letting fees ban and rights over safe homes, and ensuring everyone can afford a decent home. 

Kennedy says the Coronavirus pandemic, and the particular challenges it has posed for tenants, has shown the need for a strong national voice to campaign for the interests of private renters.

“It’s our job to give private renters a platform to share their experiences and to unite to tackle the common problems so many face,” she says. “Working together we can achieve positive change in policy and practice and deliver stronger rights for tenants. I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

Read more about Generation Rent.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. So this silly bint is intending to make it possible for everyone to be able to afford a decent home.

    Admirable intentions which I’m sure no right thinking person would object to.

    So for the PRS how does she propose to make private rental property affordable!!??

    Who determines what is affordable.

    There are tenants who are currently paying MARKET RENTS so they are clearly affording them.

    What she is actually indicating is that she intends to make MARKET RENTS affordable and that may ONLY be achieved by rent controls.

    If that is her intention then it simply won’t work.

    LL will sell up and a large black market would develop.

    The PRS would revert to as it was in the 70’s
    That would result in millions of homeless tenants and most tenants would find they had to pay additional sums in cash over and above any controlled rent amount.

    There would be a property crash as lenders would only be able to lend on the basis of a controlled rent.
    This would affect all properties.

    Thousands of LA would be put out of business as LL terminated management contracts.
    They could hardly collect cash envelopes for the black market rent!!
    LL will be doing that.

    This fool women is clearly planning on nationalising private rents so that they are more affordable.

    LL would do well to consider that rent controls would be a hugely populist policy even though everyone knows it is idiotic.

    It is a policy that the Tories would easily adopt.

    LL would do well to consider very carefully how rent controls might affect their business and plan accordingly.

    For many LL that means selling up as controlled rents won’t meet mortgage payment requirements.

    There is the matter of mortgage covenants being breached etc.

    Rent controls will be the final knockout blow that finishes LL especially leveraged ones.

  2. It all good to sit in a office and make rules to benefit the tenant but the landlord has to courts the tenants do not pay the rent and trash the propert and so hard to a evict it must be fair on the landlord to As a am a landlord for 30 years a finding to stay in the business it hard


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