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Landlord Confidence KEY to Possession Reforms:

SECTION 21 repossessions should be retained in the private rented sector unless and until a new system is in place that provides landlords with the same level of confidence  about repossessing properties in legitimate circumstances.

Groups representing landlords and letting agents forming a ‘Fair Possessions Coalition’ have united in warning that plans to abolish Section 21 repossessions without a new system in place would undermine investment in the sector at a time when private landlords are relied upon on to provide homes for one in five households in England.

In a statement the Coalition notes that whilst landlords much prefer to have good tenants staying long term in their properties they need certainty that in legitimate circumstances, such as tenant rent arrears or anti-social behaviour, they can swiftly and easily repossess their properties in much the same way as social landlords and mortgage lenders.

It is argued that the current ‘Section 8’ process, under which landlords can repossess properties based on a number of grounds, is not fit for purpose and does not provide the level of certainty offered by Section 21.The current judicial process for dealing with possession cases is confusing for tenants and takes an average of over five months from a landlord applying to the courts for a property to be repossessed to it actually happening.

Instead of tinkering with the system, the Coalition calls for a comprehensive overhaul of the regulations and processes enabling landlords to repossess their properties. It should lay out clear grounds for repossession that are unable to be exploited by criminal landlords or unreliable tenants.

Linked to the reform should be the establishment of a new, dedicated, fully funded housing court. This should make better use of mediation taking into account models in use abroad and meet in local venues such as schools and community centres, making the process less intimidating and easier for landlords and tenants to obtain the swift and accessible justice they need if the relationship is to work effectively.

The Coalition argues that such reforms must form part of a wider package of measures including welfare reforms to better support vulnerable tenants to sustain tenancies and smart taxation to encourage the development of the new homes for private rent the country needs.

The Fair Possessions Coalition is made up of: ARLA Propertymark; Cornwall Residential Landlords Association; Country Land and Business Association; East Midlands Property Owners; Eastern Landlords Association; Guild of Residential Landlords; Humber Landlords Association; iHowz; Landlord Action; Leeds Property Association; National Landlords Alliance; National Landlords Association; North West Landlords Association; Portsmouth and District Private Landlords’ Association; Residential Landlords Association; Safe Agent; South West Landlords Association; and Theresa Wallace (Chair, The Lettings Industry Council)

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. I was explaining to a neighbour of one of my rental properties that with these changes (abolition of S21) if I have a tenant causing anti social problems or drug dealing I would not have a quick easy route to remove them. That the courts would delay the process, ambulance chasing lawyers would come up with all kinds of defenses whilst court think about it. The costs of possession would rise and discourage me from taking any action. I further explained that it is not just the conservative party but labour party as well that want these changes. This is becuase of the fake information and over exaggerated news put out by certain so called charities that seem to run the so called policians nowadays. It is already having an impact as landlord leave the market and if you add to this the lunatic Corbyn proposals that landlord pay council tax and reduce rents by rent control why would any landlord want to stay in the market with a property/investments they can no longer control and cost them an arm and a leg whilst ROGUIE COUNCILS LIKE CROYDON AND SOON LEWISHAM with borough-wide licensing schemes (scheming being the appropriate term) plunder the income and drive up rents. All in the name of anti-social behaviour which these incompetent boroughs fail to control themselves in association with a useless underfunded police force who prefer the adrenalin of a car chase. At the same time insisting landlords deal with anti-social behaviour whilst removing the tools we have to do that. This world has become totally bonkers.


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