Landlords have been advised not to panic or believe all the scaremongering in the wake of the government’s radical Fairer Renting proposals.

The Property Redress Scheme’s helpline was inundated within hours of last week’s announcement, reports head of redress Sean Hooker, but he believes the proposals aren’t “oven ready”.

Speaking on Goodlord’s Newsagent podcast, Hooker says the upcoming consultation with key stakeholders will be key to shaping a Bill which looks set to go through Parliament in the Spring.

“We will be able to feedback to the government,” he adds. “We can’t change the fundamentals, but we can guide the direction of travel.”

Property portal

Hooker says the proposed new property portal – focusing on homes rather than landlords – in theory means providing a holistic experience by monitoring properties to focus attention on failing landlords

But measuring these standards will be the issue, he adds.

“You could incorporate electricity and gas safety information, deposit information and insurance information,” says Hooker.

“It also makes sense for the government to take ownership and for others like us to have licence and access to this that will help delivery of services.”

Hooker is less positive about the value of a new single ombudsman that all landlords must join.

“In lots of sectors there’s only one ombudsman, but our sector is complex as there’s a host of others involved in the property market, so a single one-stop shop is not the entire answer,” explains Hooker.

“You also can’t wait months to deal with issues – they need dealing with in real time.”

And the challenge of what’s reasonable when it comes to landlords having an excuse for turning down a pet is put succinctly by Hooker: “You could argue that keeping a Great Dane in a one-bedroom studio flat on the 31st floor of a tower block isn’t the wisest thing to do – but you can’t have a complete ban.”


  1. Sean Hooker- another shark getting richer off the back of us landlords by pretending to be on our side. Just like the other two turncoats Paul Shamplina and Ben Beadle. Things have got worse and worse for us and these guys a Trojan horse

    • I agree. Most of these so-called landlord advocates are just limp-wristed accomplices. They adopt an overly compromising stance to all issues when the other side (the likes of Shelter et al) are all pushing a radical agenda. Landlords need to push back, but the likes of the NRLA don’t want to upset their apple cart and be anything more than a player in the middle ground.

  2. I think there’s an element of truth in the above comments as relating to Sean Hooker, in particular, but I think Ben Beadle and Paul Shamplina have done a lot of very good work in supporting the landlord. I certainly feel Ben Beadle is in my corner most of the time, as he should be in the role he is in.

  3. Landlords – remember you will not be able to get out at the last minute.
    While you can…makes sense to get out of the sector now if you had enough of all the stuff coming in….
    if you are still sticking around as landlords then be aware…
    -all regulations are designed to cage you as a Landlord,
    -line the pockets of companies that provide services to Landlords (you know who?)– increase your emotional stress, etc

    Maybe….Time to increase rents before they bring in rent controls – if not by those currently in power it may happen when next people in power come in….

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