A cladding remediation service has been set up to help leaseholders and landlords struggling to navigate the Building Safety Fund application process.

Cladding Consulting promises to be hands-on during the entire funding journey, through to completion of the cladding remediation work.

It will arrange a survey, organise an EWS1 review by a chartered fire engineer, submit the application and manage the process until funds are granted, remaining involved until the project’s completion.

The government set up the £4.5m fund to pay for the removal of non-ACM cladding from high-rise buildings, 18m or above.

Latest figures show that there are 1,014 applicants who have registered interest but have not progressed their claim.

Process maze

MD Steven Truman (pictured) says it’s very easy to get lost in the process maze. “We immediately recognised the huge challenges leaseholders and managers were going to face trying to complete BSF applications, which are extremely complicated and time consuming, while juggling their everyday duties,” he explains.

“With many leaseholders already at the end of their tether, worried that they could be financially ruined by the cladding fiasco, the added stress of applying for funds is the last thing they need.”

The new cladding remediation service is for those who have already started the application process, but need help to complete it, as well as those who have registered interest in accessing the fund before the 31st July deadline.


Cladding Consulting charges an initial flat fee payable after the application has been accepted while a second fee – a percentage of the net construction cost – is due once funding is received; this is only payable if remediation is successful and then only the fee included in the remediation package is payable.

All fees are charged to the building, not to individual leaseholders. 


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