Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has let slip that subject to parliamentary approval, her government intends to extend the country’s evictions ban until March 2021.

But her comments have been made well before a decision was to be announced. Sources in Scotland have told LandlordZONE that the process of evaluating a likely extension are still ongoing between the sector and civil servants, and a green light for an extension is weeks away, if it happens at all.

Like the UK, back in March the Scottish government brought in emergency legislation to ban all evictions within the social and private rental markets until September but, unlike legislators over the border, will now extended the ban for another six months.

Welcoming the move, Shelter’s Scottish Director Alison Watson says her organisation welcomes the move to give tenants greater protection from losing their homes as the coronavirus-led economic downturn continues.

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“This will give breathing space to thousands of people who’ve been hit hard by this pandemic, so they have a fair chance to deal with the work and money problems that have been forced on them,” she says.

“Today’s decision is a big win for tenants and for Shelter Scotland’s campaign. We want to thank our supporters who emailed their MSPs to demand action, and key organisations across Scotland who pushed for this outcome.

“This shows that when we work together we can win real change. We’ll keep fighting to stop homelessness and deliver safe, affordable homes for everyone who needs them.”

The announcement by Sturgeon follows a sustained campaign by Shelter to extend the ban, including an open letter sent to her housing minister Kevin Stewart, signed by a coalition of other housing and welfare organisations.

LandlordZONE has approached the Scottish Association of Landlords for comment, which we have published in full here.


    • It is well know by LL haters that every LL has a magic money tree.

      Therefore it matters not if feckless rent defaulting tenants refuse to vacate.

      LL can easily use their magic money tree to keep feckless tenants in the style they are accustomed to until EVENTUALLY evicted.

      That will be in about 2 years time!!

      However before then the lender will have repossessed the property if by chance the LL magic money tree has stopped working!

      Indeed many LL will find their loans being called as they are now letting to DSS tenants which lots of Lenders DON’T allow.
      But of course LL can’t evict so lenders will and they can do it very quickly!

      Any eviction started when the ban ends will take at least 2 years to conclude so overwhelmed will be the Court process.
      I’m keeping a property empty.
      No way will I take on a tenant unless they qualify for RGI.

      LL will be selling up noy buying!

  1. The Scots ( known for their Mean’ness and penny pinching, ) ought to follow Wales example and ” put their hands in their own pockets ” rather than legislating the welfare Debt onto Private Landlords. – That has already gone on far too long across the country.

  2. What are #Shelter going to call for next? handing over the deeds of the properties to the tenants? this measure is akin to that.

    Shelter do not give a a t**s about the welfare and impact this measure will have on Landlords. They seem to think that each Landlord has their own magic money tree to tap into.


  3. I think its a fantastic idea as long as she is prepared to pay landlords for the loss of rent, its time our vioces were heard.
    Think this needs putting before the courts

  4. I’m a landlord, and I would like to know how I pay my loans if the tenants live rent free for 9 months. I only have enough in the bank for about 3 months, I am not a charity, and am receiving nothing from furlough. Where is this magic money tree I seem to have but don’t know about??

  5. This will give breathing space to thousands of people who’ve been hit hard by this pandemic, so they have a fair chance to deal with the work and money problems that have been forced on them,” she says.

    So the answer is to push even more money problems onto landlords.
    Where is the landlords fair chance, they have been given no help via grants or furlough.
    Not seen as a trading business just cash cows. Disgusting

  6. Wow, a new low, this as gormless as it gets! What’s next we’re wondering.

    Honestly, how the hell these looney’s think Landlords can get by without their rental income. And during the worst case scenario – expects us all to sail through like nothing is/has happened, what about our damn mental health for once; brought on by the stress these thankless numpties cause!!

    And where are all the Landlords Association’s? Who we pay hundreds per year to, where’s our help? Why can’t they all group together and stop this barrage of abuse, that’s from so many different angles!

    Mmm… and does this actually have legal grounds?

    As it seems they are legislating the act of theft, how can this be, this is practically endorsing an act of theft against another party, one who has never been consulted!

    Out of touch crazy people, all who simply have no idea, the Incompetence of so many MP’s these days, it’s like a plague has hit!

    • Legal grounds don’t apply to landlords it seems….look how we’re taxed higher and differently to every other business in the country….ooops I forgot….they don’t recognise us as businesses….just mugs and easy targets…I had 11 properties, now I’ve got 10 and hopefully soon I will have 9….and that’s the way I’m going to keep going….I’ve had enough of their sh**


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