Rogue Landlords:

A Bristol housing charity has topped the list of the UK’s most prosecuted landlords.

The social housing charity was set up to house the homeless and is among other private landlords convicted of making money from substandard properties, but it is still letting homes to tenants, research by The Guardian newspaper finds.

The Bristol charity Alternative Housing has been convicted six times of housing offences in two years, and fined nearly £40,000 after letting properties with problems including overflowing raw sewage.

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The company, which is registered with the Charity Commission, was fined a total of nearly £40,000 but over the same period it received £321,000 in housing benefit.

The charity landlord is one of 61 that have been convicted of multiple housing offences over the past two years, yet they are still offering homes to tenants and the charity joins a fairly exclusive club of rogues in the Guardian Report, a rogue’s gallery of landlords exploiting the deepening UK housing crisis says The Guardian.

Alternative Housing was successfully prosecuted for providing bedsits with unworkable cookers and drains, and without hot water or heating. Other landlords were convicted for providing cold, substandard or unlicensed homes.

The list was compiled by the Guardian after several freedom of information requests to councils in England and Wales. Data from the three-quarters of councils that responded revealed that 651 landlords were convicted of housing offences between January 2015 and December 2016. They were fined a total of just £3m – an average of about £4,600 per conviction.

Many of these landlords continue to operate in the private rental market.

See the full Guardian report here


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