The biggest question for a landlord after ‘to let or not to let’ is ‘should I use a letting agent or do it myself?’

Often, landlords underestimate their abilities and believe that the letting agent has some knowledge or skill beyond theirs. But letting agents are human beings, and they cannot compete with a landlord property management software.

So, the question is now – should you use a landlord property management software or a letting agent? Take a few moments to go through these arguments and then make up your mind.

1. Promoting your property

In the race to find the best tenant for your property, the software will always win. It was previously observed that letting agents have a wide network of connections with people through whom they could find a good tenant very quickly. But people now search the internet and view properties to let on Rightmove and Zoopla, along with other websites. It means that tenants will find your property much easier and quicker before the letting agent makes the first call.

Landlord management services like ePropertys, list your property on their website and advertise the same on Rightmove and Zoopla. This way, you are likely to get maximum visibility for your letting and also attract people seriously looking for a property to rent.

2. Cost of landlord management

Letting agents generally charge a significant amount of money every time you let your property and have a separate fee for each service they provide. There are many steps in the process like creating a marketing plan, listing your property, arranging viewings, selecting the best tenant, checking references, and finally collecting deposit and rent. A letting agent can charge a fee for each step, and the sum could eventually become a heavy amount to bear.

On the other hand, landlord property services like ePropertys have a minimal fee for all the services. Moreover, you have complete control over how to market your listings and choose the best tenants yourself. It’s these considerable savings that are turning landlords to opt for online landlord management services.

3. Dealing with multiple agents for several lettings

Some landlords have several properties across multiple locations and have to coordinate with local agents. It can become time consuming to go over the same process, telling every agent what your requirements and preferences are and what type of tenant you will consider for your property.

With ePropertys, you can sign up as a landlord in a few minutes, and once you are registered, you don’t have to repeat the process. You can also list properties all over England, so you won’t need multiple letting agents.

4. Tenant reference checks

A good landlord management service will perform comprehensive referencing that complies with the highest standards. Such checks include tenant affordability, credit checks, multi-level employment verification, employer’s reference, and previous landlord references. With so many checks involved, the service will only approve a genuine and desirable tenant.

5. Ongoing management

It would be inconvenient to answer phone calls from dozens of tenants complaining about issues or requesting maintenance work from across a portfolio. You don’t want to receive texts on your phone all day long either. One of the advantages of using property management software is that it allows you to communicate with your tenants with an inbox of your own on the system. This feature helps the landlords check maintenance issues at their convenience and record all the communication with every tenant for future use.

Advances in technology have made what was once a labour-intensive process shrouded in mystery a transparent process which can be followed, to your benefit, using a property management software.


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