If you are a landlord your number one concern is probably ensuring that your investments are performing to their maximum potential.

But how often do you take time to review your portfolio, and catch up with industry experts to find out about any changes to the rental market in your area?

Post lockdown Britain paints a very different picture to pre-March 2020, making it more important than ever to keep up to date with developments.

Are you sure you are fully informed about how rents are performing in your area? Do you wonder whether you should be charging more or less rent? Do you have tenants who are now in arrears and are you confused by changes to eviction laws?

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Belvoir, which has over 170 offices nationwide, is one of the largest property management franchises on the UK High Street, with local business owners who are able to answer all of your questions.

Belvoir is constantly monitoring the UK rental market and for the past 11 years has examined advertised rents each quarter to provide a unique rental index, focusing on regional landlord and tenant trends right across the country.

This valuable resource is made freely available to landlords via the Belvoir website (www.belvoir.co.uk) and is well worth a read to see how rents are performing in your area.

Importantly however, Belvoir also conducts a quarterly survey of franchisees across the network, seeking their views on current issues, and asking for predictions of what they think is likely to happen to rents in the next quarter.

The most recent survey, which is collated for Belvoir by property expert Kate Faulkner, provided a snapshot of how the High Street was coping during the first quarter of 2021. It also looked at what agents thought would happen as the year progressed. Check out the results…


• 10% of Belvoir offices, including Leamington Spa, Wembley, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, reported a decline in rents.
• 74% of Belvoir offices, including Swansea, Perth, Bangor, Warrington, Bolton, Newcastle Central, Yorkshire, the South West, most of the South East, East and West Midlands reported a rise in rents.
• 15% of offices, including Tynedale, Nottingham, Southampton, Boston, Westminster and Chester reported static rents.


• Belvoir Westminster, Wembley and Swansea were the only offices reporting rental decreases.
• 79.5% of Belvoir offices, including the North West, North East, Yorkshire, South West, most of the South East, West Midlands, East Midlands, Perth and Bangor, reported a rise in rents.
• 13% of offices, including Watford, Leamington Spa, Boston, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, reported static rents.

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Rental forecasts for Q2 2021

• No Belvoir offices forecast rental decreases.
• 74% of Belvoir offices forecast rental increases.
• 26% of Belvoir offices forecast rents staying the same.


• No Belvoir offices forecast rental decreases.
• 82% of offices, including London, North East, Yorkshire, Scotland, most of the West Midlands, South West, East Midlands, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Thanet, Warrington, Chester, Swansea and Bangor forecast rental increases.
• 18% of Belvoir offices, including Boston, Bolton, Harlow, Watford, Tunbridge Wells, Devizes and Evesham, forecast static rents

Summary: Belvoir’s survey confirms that rent increases for flats are now catching up with house increases. A total of 90% of offices saw rises/static rents for flats, and 93% saw rises/static rents for houses. Not a single office forecast falls in rents for the next quarter! This confirms the ‘race for space’ is happening in both the rental and sales market. BTL remains a robust investment, typically doing well during a recession as well as a pandemic.

Rental Index Live webinar

To find out more about the current ‘race for space’ and other rental trends including any concerns you may have about rent arrears, why not register for Belvoir’s FREE Rental Index Live webinar that is being hosted at 7pm on 28th July by Channel 5’s Paul Shamplina and a panel of Belvoir franchisees from across the UK? You can hear their views, submit a question, and find out how to ensure that your BTL investments are performing to maximum potential throughout the second half of 2021. It’s a fantastic opportunity, so don’t miss out!

Click here to register for Belvoir’s Rental Index Live webinar


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