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London, 8 January, 2007 – The London office of TFS, a global leader in interdealer broking, is pleased to announce the launch of indices designed to illustrate the estimated future house price in the UK.

The prices, which will be published monthly, express a value for the future price of an average UK house using derivative prices quoted in the over-the-counter (OTC) residential property market with HBOS PLC’s Halifax House Price Index as its basis. For example, the average price of a house in the UK is currently estimated at £183,645 (HBOS PLC Monthly Non-Seasonally Adjusted HPI). With the “TFS FHP Indices”, the average price of such a house in 2030 is estimated at £354,435.

The TFS FHP Indices are not a guarantee of future property returns but rather are dynamic forward prices that are subject to change. The indices are an economic reference tool representing the changing forward value of UK housing.

The OTC market in UK house price derivatives is accessible to suitably authorised banks, institutions, and individuals via TFS Ltd London. For more information on house price derivatives, please call TFS Ltd. on +44 (0) 207 796 1510 or e-mail

TFS Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the UK FSA.

TFS FHP Indices Mid-Point
Thru Dec-07 £191,450

Thru Dec-08 £194,985
Thru Dec-12 £213,028
Thru Dec-15 £228,638
Thru Dec-20 £259,399
Thru Dec-25 £300,260
Thru Dec-30 £354,435

Peter Howard Sceats, Director of Business Development
Jennifer Van Hofwegen, Head of Marketing and Communications +1.212.791.6491

About TFS
Founded in 1985, TFS is a market leader in the brokering of financial and non-financial products. With offices worldwide, the Company covers currency options, equity and property derivatives, freight, precious metals, energy and pulp & paper markets. TFS Energy brokers a full spectrum of OTC energy and energy-related physical and derivative products, including electricity, natural gas, crude oil and refined products, coal, environmental products and weather derivatives, and exchange-traded futures and options. In FX Week’s Best Bank Awards 2006, TFS-ICAP won best broker for currency options. In Energy Risk/Risk’s Commodity Rankings 2006, TFS was ranked in 36 categories — with nine 1st places. In 2006, TFS was awarded “Energy Broker of the Year� by Commodities Now for the second successive year. In Risk’s interdealer rankings 2005, TFS-ICAP took first position in currencies. TFS is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Tradition (CFT), one of the world’s top three interdealer brokers in financial and commodity-related products with a presence in 21 countries and 2,200 employees. CFT is listed on the Swiss Exchange (Symbol: CFT). For further information, please visit

HBOS PLC Disclaimer

HBOS PLC have no liability to TFS Ltd or its customers and are not under any obligation to continue to publish HPI data. The data is prepared from information that HBOS PLC believe is collated with care, but the company makes no statement as to its accuracy or completeness. HBOS PLC reserve the right to vary methodology and to edit or discontinue the indices at any time for regulatory or other reasons. Persons seeking to place reliance on the indices for their own or third party commercial purposes do so at their own risk.

TFS Ltd Disclaimer
TFS accepts no liability for loss, damage or claim whatsoever arising from use of these indices regardless of whether that loss, damage or claim is caused by inaccuracies or errors in the index from any lack of reasonable care on the part of TFS or otherwise.

Please Note: This Article is 15 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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