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WARNING: Landlord takes down video after tenant rant goes viral


A landlord in London has learned the hard way not to complain about bad tenants on social media after one of her TikTok videos went viral and was featured within The Sun's website.

The woman, who doesn't give her name on the social media site but uses the handle @Thefiveamshopper has now taken down her video post after tenants piled into to mock her commentary.

The TikTok-er is one of the 950,000 private landlords in the UK who have one property and she fumed during her video after one of her tenants had left hers in a relatively poor state of repair after three years renting it.

Poor landlord

Complaining that tenants can be portrayed as being treated badly within the PRS, she said: 'You know, what about poor me? Poor landlord!"

After the tenant moved out she discovered damage to carpets, spray painting across a fireplace and missing furniture although, as LandlordZONE readers will know, this is the light end of property damage that some buy-to-let owners face.

'I gave her a perfect, beautiful, freshly painted, everything in it proper,'� she said.


But The Sun, which is seldom sympathetic to landlords, described her complaints as '�whingeing', as did many of the comments on her TikTok video by members of the public.

Some of the fairer comments on the video pointed out that if she had undertaken regular inspections of the property then her tenant's actions might have been mitigated earlier.

Her video, which is unusual because she normally posts about shopping, holiday and books, makes no mention of whether she deducted any money from the tenant's deposit.

Picture credit: TikTok


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