Rent ‘holiday’ is for students living in halls of residence, but both University of Lancashire and its student union have written to landlords urging them to do the same.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is urging private landlords to follow its lead by giving students a rent holiday.

The Preston-based university recently announced that it would waive final semester rents for students who have a UCLan accommodation after the Coronavirus pandemic closed down its campus, and it now hopes private landlords in the area will make a similar gesture.

The fee waiver applies to all these 1,700 students in university accommodation, regardless of whether they have already moved out of halls or continue to live there. 

Both the university and students’ union have written to all university-registered landlords including landlords of HMOs, asking them to support students.

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Vice-chancellor professor Graham Baldwin says while it can’t make the same decision for private third-party providers, it’s in discussion with them to see if they can agree to similar measures.

Waive fees

He says: “We hope our decision to waive accommodation payments helps ease the financial burden at this challenging time. As a university we are keen to support our students as much as possible and minimise any disruption to their academic studies.”

A spokesman for the university tells LandlordZONE: “Some private landlords are listening to our appeal, considering what they can do to ease our students’ financial burden and make a difference during this difficult time.

“We do however appreciate that some student landlords are small businesses and decisions of this nature are not easy.” 


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