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Top property stories of 2022 - The Property Cast, Total Landlord Insurance

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In this episode of the property cast, Eddie and Paul are joined by Nigel Lewis - award-winning property journalist and Editor in Chief at LandlordZONE, the most visited landlord news website in the UK. Nigel Lewis is a property writer and editor with a 27-year track record working for national newspapers, magazines, websites and also leading content media agencies and portals.

As we approach the end of an extraordinary year characterised by economic turmoil and political uncertainty, Eddie, Paul and Nigel explore the impact of the year’s events on the private rented sector. Drawing on over 25 years’ experience as a property newshound, Nigel cherry picks the issues which have dominated and captured LandlordZONE readers’ attention. From rental yields to redress, stock shortages to stamp duty, pets, EPCs and so much more, this is a podcast packed with passion and predictions about what lies ahead for landlords. Between the three of them, Eddie, Paul and Nigel bring decades of expertise and informed opinion to our final podcast of the year.


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