The new series of Slum Landlords, Nightmare Tenants is to return to TV this week after Channel 5 as part of its new 12-show series.

The latest episode is due to air tonight (3rd November) at 10pm and will feature Landlord Action’s Paul Shamplina, who helps a landlord escape the clutches of a dodgy rent-to-rent or ‘guaranteed rent’ firm that failed to pass on rent and mismanaged his properties.

LandlordZONE looked into the firm, called RHP Lettings, last year after landlord Gulam Sumar asked for help to highlight his plight and to warn other people not to use its service.

Even after he spent several years and thousands of pounds regaining possession of his two properties, Sumar faced a repairs bill at the addresses totalling some £24,000 despite having spent £185,000 doing the properties prior to taking on RHP, cash he is unlikely to recoup.

The landlords reveal that: “A two-year break clause was written in the contract so after months of problems with the agent and thousands of pounds of missing rent I tried to serve notice, but even that was extremely difficult as they wouldn’t answer my calls or emails.

“They wouldn’t even give me access to inspect the properties, something that should have been done every three months. I could see both properties were very run down, but I could never get in.”

Numerous complaints

Shamplina adds: Landlord Action has received numerous complaints against RHP Services, now operating as RHP Lettings, from landlords in similar situations to Mr Sumar and all prove how guaranteed rent (or rent-to-rent) can go disastrously wrong.

“In this particular case, we wanted to finally confront the agent at their office to apply pressure, and this can be seen on tomorrow’s show. Thankfully, with a tenacious landlord and our expertise we managed to collect the full amount of rent back, totalling some £24,000.

“Guaranteed rent, or rent-to-rent, is becoming more and more common in the private rented sector as it offers a lower barrier to entry into the property market for would-be investors and a guaranteed rent with no hassle for landlords.

“But if the rent to rent arrangement is not carried out diligently, the landlord loses control of what is happening at their property, and this is where problems begin.”

Read a comprehensive guide to avoiding the pitfalls.

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  1. There are NO lenders which allow R2R.

    Only mortgage free LL may engage in having a R2R operator.

    Any mortgaged LL that permits R2R is an idiot and fraudulent.

    Mortgaged LL need to understand that they may only operate their property in accordance with lender conditions..

    Too few LL understand this basic concept.

    There are millions of fraudulent letting arrangements currently in the UK.

    Nothing is being done to prevent these occurring.

    We are talking about LL letting to DSS tenants.

    That is fraud as many lenders don’t allow DSS tenants.

    LL fraud is a massive problem.

    However without these fraudulent LL there would be millions of homeless tenants.

    The system unfortunately relies on fraudster LL to house millions.

  2. I saw this programme. The first thing that struck me was why Harrow Council (I think it was Harrow) (who often appear on this programme and themselves cause evictions and homelessness ) continues to pay the housing benefit directly to the R2R landlord who is failing to maintain the property and whose tenants are likely to be evicted by the upper tier landlord who has failed to receive rent. I often read how difficult it is for genuine landlords to receive tenants housing benefit directly and here we have a whole HMO paid directly to the rogue R2R landlord. I do wonder at this system that rewards fraudsters but makes it almost impossible for genuine landlords to operate normally. My 16 year daughter told me not to watch the programme in case I got too scared of being a landlord. I told her I was already divesting due to the horrific burdens on good landlords. Indeed every landlord should watch, learn and be afraid.


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